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Have you ever had the feeling that your posting has killed a thread? For example, you post what you think is a good comment and no one replies and the thread fades off to page 2. It would be an interesting database query to see which member has the most last posts.
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If I were the leading last post guy, I wouldn't want to know. I've done a few unintentional last posts, and that just shows my comments are fairly useless. Thread-jacking seems to be my thing.
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Yes, I consider myself to be a thread killer though I'm not sure why. Hopefully i don't kill this one. :P

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So if I would not had posted this, It would had been Kirosia (edit: or Biggie), instead of me, this thread's killer?

Edit... due to Biggie's speed in posting
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I'm leathal for a thread.

Just watch this one die?

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... this is usually a great thread killer, let's see if it works now.
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That's it... this thread is dead.. Ampgalore is the thread-killer..

Oooopsie !! Now I'm the last poster.. Comon people, don't make me a thread-killah !!
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(I'm winning!)
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I am the Grim Reaper of Threads. In my years on various forums I have come to two conclusions.

1. Nobody ever reads my posts, this is a proven fact.

2. I have the touch of death to many a thread.
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John you could explain it by the the «ignore list factor»....

I dont know why I'm writing this since so few can read it....

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I hate it when that happens. It get it all the time. There's come highly successful and interesting thread going on, I make a contributive post, and the thread comes to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, most of the time this happens is when I'm asking a question.
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This thread deserves to die a horrible death.....and horrible deaths are my specialty! This post will kill this thread. It's mine.
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