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Moth - I like them the best when they are dead~!(bandwidth sensitive)

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( due to images count restriction, this will be multi parts post)

Since today is Sunday, We all have a little more extra time Make yourself a cup of coffee and read this up. food intake might not be a good idea... so just Coffee/milk

Time:~~ 4:20 am est

So I was chatting with Judeon icq /surfing the web/ enjoying my dcm370+xcanv2+hd600 all happy happy joy joy....

I noticed one LARGE MOTH flew in and was flying around fast while dropping these *moth dusts* all over I hate moth! Any kind ANY size~ Where I live, each house is at least 1 acre big and once a while we get these BIG FAT ones that comes in the house.. ( joelongwood prob can relate this, as he lives pretyt close to me) This CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION ~

I had this horrible visual of myself trying to kill the moth, MISS and end up falling then drag my xcanv2 while it snap my HD600 cable on the way down. I immediately took off my HD600, set it aside so I dont jerk the cable while I battle this moth. ( at this time I informed Jude about the unwelcome guest, and my hate of *moth dust* which puzzled him until he saw the pics)

After I took off my hd600, I surveyed my surrounding, trying to find something I can use to kill it with MINIMUM air contamination of *moth dust* . Found an extra napkin that I set aside earlier when I was eating macroni&cheese ok, the weapon of choice has been picked. I informed Jude I be away for few mins, I was ready to kill it.

With napkin in hand.... i surveyed my room. NO SIGHT of this BIG moth. "Impossible ! I said to myself. Looked around for couple more mins, still cant find it. Now I am getting PISSED.
" ok no problem, I will trick him to come out"

I informed Jude I be away a little longer, and hold the chats till I get back. I then proceed to shut off my monitor and lamp. now I am in pure darkness.
" ok, I will count 20 secs, then I will turn on this bright lamp to draw this moth out. piece of cake!@ "

20 secs passed.. BAM! I turn on the bright lamp~
I immediately went to this corner of my room.with 110% alertness, waiting for my prey.

10 secs passed, 20 secs passed, ... 1 min passed.. 3 mins passed. the sob didnt take the bright lamp bait.. Now I am getting REALLY frustrated. I decided to give up for now and go back chatting on ICQ. I crushed the napkin out of anger and threw it out.
I am now back at my PC, I stared at the red led of xcanv2+ lcd of dcm370 going as the cd is playing.... I want to listen with my hd600 but I had this feeling it might come out anytime.. so I pretended I was burning in my hd600/xcanv2/dcm370 and resumed my chat with Jude.

about 15 mins after we resumed the chat, the MOTH FLEW OUT from NO where!! My immediate reaction was
" YES! I dont have my headphone on, he is DEAD! <muhaha> Then I realized I had toss away the napkin in frustration with nothing to use. I took a quick survey of my desk, noticed the statement of my creditcard bill ( was doing bills earlier). I immediately took it and waited for the moth to land.. It did, and I killed it

At this point, I told Jude that I have killed this annoying fat moth, was still puzzled by the *moth dust* term I used, so I said I will take some pics and show him.

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Took some pics of the dead moth on my FINAL FOUR NCAA banner(wall) did not like the result ( bad lighting). So I figure I will remove the moth body to a better lighting spot then take the close shots.

WHILE I WAS DOING THAT. ANOTHER ONE flew out of no where, BIGGER than the one I just killed. I threw my digital camera on my bed and waited for this second one to land. It did, and once again I scored another Moth Frag.
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With the 2 moths DEAD, I was extremely pleased and back to my happy happy joy joy mood. Put my hd600 back on, I hear Bob Marley singing* 3 little birds* Life is good again Since I already invested the time taking these pics, I figure I post this for whoever wants to read. It is Sunday after all Jude prob enjoy reading this detailed description on what went on over here as well. ( he was with me during my * battle* )

Here is the second pic I took of my second moth frag of the night.(flipped over, next to a quarter zoom in shot) I placed a quarter on the side so you can see the size of this nasty fat moth. I will just paste the url here so you can see if if you want. Not sure if some of you are the *sensitive type*. The thing is....... this is just a pic of a Dead Moth. FAR FAR FAR from what some of you saw last week with that bad url to that horrible picture. ( u know what I am talking about)

here is the link

Tides * who likes moths when they are dead
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My apology for the extended window size. I had no choice.. If I resize these pics to 640x480 or less. it does not give the same impact. ( think Grado here ) So I went the detail way( think Senn) you can see much better


PS. I think I will go take a peaceful nap now..
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ROFL.... PMSL... What more needs to be said

Oops... better not laugh too loudly... might have some Animal cruelty people knocking on my door

lol... here in the UK... (well outside my house anyway) there are moths NEARLY the size of Senn HD580 driver housings (although, not done a side by side comparison)... imagine the icky squishy mess that'd make... ugh!!

ROFL @ the hidden piccy
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I thought snuff flicks were illegal.

Don't let Mothra find out about this or you're in big trouble.
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Moth at the Size of hd580 drivers ??!

I will make sure I have one of those electronic swapper thinging when I go visit UK ( country side I assume?)

Zap all these bastards.. if you ever place one moth the size of quarter( or bigger) on a pure black sheet of paper, you will be AMAZE at the amout of these * moth dusts* they drop . Noticeble to human eye if the lighting is right...

Tides really going to take a nap now hehe
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Yeah... I'm in the countryside...

lol... one other thing that Bedfordshire has...

"Bedfordshire Spiders"... If you know how big Mexican Bird Eating Spiders are... they are pretty huge (double hand span)... well... Bedfordshire spiders have these little bodies (no bigger than the average boiled sweet) but legs that are HUGE... makes there overall size pretty much the same as those Mexican Monsters... and... well, they could run in the olympics... well fast!! scarey stuff
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What's a boiled sweet?

No wonder you Brits have a reputation for eating bland food.
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Erm... lol...

like... mint humbugs... toffees... anything that has a cellaphane wrapper

(What do you call them in the US then?)
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Actually, I'm from Canada. My grandparents were from Liverpool.

But I'd never heard that term before.

We call them mints or toffee.

It sounded like you were boiling the sweetness out of candy or something.
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LOL! I was in tears I was laughing so hard when this was happening. He kept describing to me his frustration at being unable to find the first moth. He told me he couldn't put his HD-600's back on until he fragged the moth because if he was wearing them when it showed up again he would likely react in such a manner that might jeopardize the HD-600's and their cables.

The thought of him turning off all the lights with the exception of one bright one to try to draw it out had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee in my pants.

Interesting thread, Tides! Nice chatting with you last night too.
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those second kill pics were very gross!!!

so I guess you won't be getting those cool Moth Audio speakers with those giant metal Moths on them right?
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lol... nor one of the hand-built Moth Headphone amps that retail at $1150, which should, at that cost sound pretty awesome

On a slightly serious side note... One thing I like about this General Discussion forum, is that it is literally that... General Discussion... like a crowd of people in a bar... makes it feel very homely
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