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A review between the D777 and D-E905 can be found here

As to line out of the players, to me personally - I know that the line outs are cleaner, but they remove a lot of the fun from the music, more especially so in the case of the E905 which to me sounds tonally more realistic than even my home setup from its headphone out (no, i'm not heralding some kind of modern miracle - the Marantz is far more accurate with its presentation and soundstage, but - is accuracy the same as musicality??)

So, for me the E905 is now my player of choice... moreso than my Marantz - just for the 'fun' value, the richness of the midrange is fantastic through my Senn MX500s - although not to the point of being bloated, I feel with hindsight that the D777 is lacking in midrange... but, what do we want? these are only PCDPs!!

The D-EJ1000 - for a modern player is good, but compared to its older brothers, it is outclassed - The one thing that cannot be denied is how good the battery life is - 112hrs with the Nimh and 2xAA batteries to me is pretty phenomenal, but - obviously there are some compromises somewhere - I guess that they are in the output stages - I will use just the D-EJ1000 for a week, solidly without the 905 or the 777, and then do an unbiased review... I hope that will be of help to people?!
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Originally posted by meithkiller
Thanks purk, I'm probably gonna need it (luck) to pick up a D-777 and D-905.
I posted a couple of threads on getting brand new D-E905s easily a month ago. Bluetin (which operates from Singapore) was able to turn my one-time special request to a featured model on their site, because people here have been asking about it. I don't know what's the exact price to US, but I believe Purk got his from bluetin so you may ask him.

It's S$262 which is $143. (which could be less if GSTax was included but then you have to factor in customs).

And they also sell the micro-to-mini plug adapter. But I think you could possibly get it cheaper at a yahoo store (search for it). It's been linked here on head-fi more than once.
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