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Wow! I've gotta be PCDP King now?

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Hehehe, as most of you already know... I've had the D777 for about 6 years... and that today I was planning to get the D-EJ1000.

I did buy the CDP, but then in the next shop I went into, I saw in the display cabinet a D-E905!! - I just had to buy it!!

So, I've got D777, D-E905 & D-EJ1000... Can anyone beat that?

(damnit... what am I gonna tell my parents, when they find out that i'm now minus $350??)
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How's the D-EJ1000? How does it compare to the E-905? Oh wait... don't open them because your parents may force you to get a refund.
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Any of you who read the original post here... please disregard...I think it could have been because I was using flat batteries in the E905 for my first impressions, so I guess it was biased...



Good depth of bass, sparkling treble... can play very loudly


Better control in the bass than the D777, strangely this player makes you realise that there are no mids on the D777 and the treble is a bit recessed compared to the D777, but that means that the player isn't so fatuiging.

This player does appear to have hiss though (at FULL volume, whereas the D777 does not!!)


This has got what can best be described as a warm sound... smooth bass, smooth mids, and... surprise surprise smooth treble... its a very 'comfortable' player - doesn't do anything wrong... just doesn't particularily do anything right either... I'm not sad at spending so much money on this player, because I know that if i didn't have either the D777 or the E905. that this would be one sweet player... just, well I have!
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Just a friendly little bump... to say that i've changed my reply above

Also, here (albeit very grainy) is a picture of my three Discman together (Sorry D-EJ825... You just don't fit in here anymore)
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thanks for the comparison, duncan.

if you have time can you you do a "fit & finish" comparison, control layout, overall design, etc.?

also, any chance you can post your impressions of the line outs?

oh, btw, i don't know if i'm going to get to re-lube my d-777 this weekend... i'll let you know when i do.
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The D-EJ1000 is an absolutely beautiful CD-player. You really have to see it in real life to appreciate its looks. It's incredibly tiny - I was pleasantly surprised when I got to hold one on my hands in Korea.
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OK Red, I'll try and do one at the weekend for you

I'm gonna try and make it as comprehensive as possible, so that finally... I might be able to get something in the 'featured reviews' section (even though I could put it there myself... but, that doesn't count lol)

So, you want Headphone Out, Line Out, Button Layout, Ease of Use etc etc... yeah?

Oh, and any preference to music that i listen to? I'd hate to be comaparing something that no-one else has ever heard of

lol, No worries Red... Just drop me a PM or something as and when?!

...Raymond Kim...

I have to agree with you, the EJ1000 is a great looking player, and the charging cradle is a great, classy little addition... but I upstaged it when I bought the 905 with the speckled blue gloss finish - its sumptuous (sp?)... trouble is, the 905 is already covered in fingerprints... lol, i'll forever be cleaning it
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that sounds great! whatever music you like, just mention what it is. unless it is like 50 minutes of some guy dropping rocks down a well or something.

is the d-ej1000 the one that the cd slides into like a car cd player?
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No Red, that was the D-EJ01, the 20th anniversary special edition.

That was one player that I couldn't find in the UK for love, nor money... I really wanted it! - I've since been told that there are a couple of suppliers in the UK, but the bad press that its had for its heapdhone out have put me off (I don't use Line out)

Nevermind... I'm still happy with the three that I have... They are all good at different things IMO... but, more about that after I've done some more listening
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A very brief insight into the line outs...

Using X-Cans V2 and Senn HD-580s

D777, very punchy bass (great on Pink Floyds 'When the tigers broke free'... with all the bombs going off) but also a sharp treble (hurt my ears to listen to Pink Floyds 'Time'.

D-E905, much the same bass as the D777 - Very punchy, and this unit is ever so slightly more controlled in the treble (the clocks on 'Time' don't sting your ears quite as badly as the D777 does)

D-EJ1000... not much in the way of bass compared to the two older units, but what there is, is great quality! - and the treble, its so smooth that you could mistake it for a babies bottom! - its brilliant!!... The clocks on 'Time' sound... perfect! not too bright, and not too dull... I couldn't ask for better, unless it was from a full size CDP!


unofficially the D-EJ1000 is better than my Marantz CDP for seperation!! - one of the reference tracks for testing out CDPs in the UK was Pink Floyds 'High Hopes'... There is a church bell, which if your system is good enough will play out of the right channel no matter how busy the rest of the mix is... now, i'm not declaring miracles here, but... what I am gonna say is... that I could swear that i could hear that bell more with the PCDP than I could with the CDP!!

[end of edit ]

As i said, very basic... but, I've only had them at home for 3 hours... not much time for play-time yet

I'll still (hopefully) do a full blown review at the weekend
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but pink floyd's "time" is supposed to hurt your ears! every time i hear that song it will remind me of sitting in the dark in with my friends in college facing a HUGE pair of tower speakers... that ticking... then all that chiming as my friends let out a stoned sounding "whoooooaaaaaah! heh heh!"

i wonder if the softer bass in the newer discman has to do with sony using battery saving electronics?

i've been searching around for the 905 but haven't had any luck. i did read a review of the d-ej01 that stated the player has a pretty noisey headphone jack (hiss).
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Well my PCDPs are not nearly as top of the line as yours - but I've got five of em:

Panasonic SL-NP1 (circa early 90s)
Sony D-25S
Sony DE-J616CK
Radio Shack 3904
Panasonic SL-CT570

I mostly use the CT570 and the D-25s at home and the DEJ616 in my car with a cassette adaptor.

This is way more portables than I need or can use. I'm thinking of selling the Radio Shack 3904. If anyone is interested drop me a PM.
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You've got one PCDP that i'd still like to get my hands on... the D25... The countless reviews on here have gotta count for something, and as you've said yourself, its one of the two that you use most often... gotta be some credence there somewhere! Trouble is, with only having a debit card, and thinking about the costs of importing one into the UK (and the likelyhood of it getting damaged in transit) has put me off in principle.


Thats one reason why I'm not good at doing reviews... my opinion appears to differ so vastly from everyone elses on here... my nirvana is someone elses living hell... lol, i really didn't know that the clocks were supposed to be scarey?!

lol... when I do the full blown review, i'm gonna have to do it with Enya or something... nice, easy listening material
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Yeah the D-25 or D-25S would make a nice addition to your collection of the top of the line Sony players.

After all you only representatives from the mid 90s and current crop of Sony PCDPs. If you really want a complete collection you've got to have a top of the line model from the late 80s/early 90s as well

Seriously, the D-25 is a great sounding player directly from the headphone jack or the line out - you really should check it out if you get the chance.
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Re: Wow! I've gotta be PCDP King now?

Originally posted by Duncan
So, I've got D777, D-E905 & D-EJ1000... Can anyone beat that?

(damnit... what am I gonna tell my parents, when they find out that i'm now minus $350??)
Well, I don't have the famed D-777, but I do have a couple others that are pretty nice

D-5 (the grand-daddy of them all)
D-35 (on the way)
D-303 (2nd one on the way--my favorite transportable)
D-EJ1000 (my favorite portable)

Ebay has been berry berry good to me!

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