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Successful Flght to France with Cans,Amp, and PCDP

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I just return from a trip to France and was very relieved to find that the airport security has pitty on we earoaerophile's. I was somewhat reluctant to bring my Sony PCDP721,7605 cans, and Porta Corda amp, but the head of the security at O'Hare in the United terminal was familair with such devices and I past through without a problem (Except they made me take off my shoes...and that action made them regret the request!).

I travel quite often, and decided to test the waters with this head phone system. I really have a hard time not having music with me when I travel. The Earphone/Amp thing has been a real blessing for my relaxation while traveling. I'm not sure i would have had the same luck with the Home- made looking blackbox CMOY.

Surprisingly, I was able to get credible musical performance from this system, even at 40,000 feet and the noise rush of a Boeing 777 at 580 knots per hour. The isolation was sufficient to get a deep and wide soundstage and accetable frequency response. This wouldn't really be described as audiophile sound, but high quality midfi perhaps.

The synergy of the Sony PCDP and 7605s powered by the Porta Corda was great....but perhaps if I ever invest in the ETYmotic "Ear Enimas" I probably won't get better sound. for this application

The added amplification also benefited the movie as well (sound wise, the movies sucked! Riding in cars with boys...ugh,puke!).

I thought the tight fit of the 7605's would be a problem for prolonged use, but I wore them comforatbly for 4+ hours before my diet coke filled bladder bekoned me to visist the aircraft's (777's are not planes I was told by the flight's purser, they are aircraft!) took me to the Planes urinary reservoir..........never drink 3 diet cokes on a transAltantic flight when you are in a window seat.

There was one casualty of the trip though...I am NOT a lean passenger, and airlines insist on having the planes audio mini jacks facing into your thighs. After I did the "sleep- if- you- can" toss and roll manuver, I bent the mini jack on my source to amp cable.....All in All, I enjoyed the flight tunes and will definitely do it again, maybe even risking my prized CMOY!
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That's good to know. I'm heading to Amsterdam in a few days from L.A. I agree with the fat passenger problems, you think they could put the damned jacks in the front of the arm rest! I think they do it that way because of dust and other things that could fall in when they'r mounted on top, but it still sucks.

Hey, how about mounting the jacks in the seat in front of you!
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Flight To France

I think you are giving the interior designers of aircraft way too much credit. When American Motors went out of business, they all went to work for the airline industry...no chance they though out the audio control panel designs.
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thought i might add a bit of input.
i work for alaska airlines and for the last month and a half have traveled internationally as well as domestically with a pana570, ety 4s' and an altoid amp. not once has anyone questioned this set up. the reason is that there is no organic material included here. electronics alone are not suspicious. even with an attached 9 volt. 2 elements are still missing.
so travel with your stuff. it sure makes trips more tolerable!
oh, one last minor suggestion. i also always take along a pair of old sony earbuds just on the chance someone will question it all. this way i can use the earbuds to demonstrate without them using my etys!
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I've flown quite a few times in the last few months, and I've had no problems carrying any electronics with me. During my last business trip, I had:

Audio equipment:
- Panasonic SL-CT780 PCDP
- Porta Corda
- Ety ER-4P's
- Dan Pumphrey's braided ER-4P to ER-4S adaptor

Other equipment:
- three laptops
- one docking station
- 4 50' Ethernet cables
- all sorts of different-colored A/V connectors
- DVD player (full-sized)

It took some time to get through security, but everything turned out well.
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