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I cannot wait to hear the amp. looks so good.
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Shorter volume knob, green led, no front screws =
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Originally Posted by archosman
I wouldn't make assumptions until you've heard them both...
I was trying to say something along the lines of "... and I hope you can make mine sound like the SR-71"
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Silver looks nice, but I like the black one better; with the "Volumn" font and blue LED.

Black on black looks more discreet, it'll match my headphones and iPod's case.
I can't wait!!!
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I don't like those oversized holes for the little switches. Does he plan on putting larger buttons over top of them?
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I think that push buttons would look much better than flip switches.

I mean, the flip switches on the full-featured Supermono are gonna make it look like the console of an Apollo spacecraft from the 60s....
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The screws on the back of the black version are a million times better than the ones on the silver version. Hello, lugnut!
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Originally Posted by Jahn
The screws on the back of the black version are a million times better than the ones on the silver version. Hello, lugnut!
But not it's not hand screwable, not that it matters that much since the batteries supposedly lasts for a while.
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the knob is actually not that big, ive got the same one on my cmoy

it jus looks big in relation to the size of the amp since its so small to start with
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Originally Posted by Xin
The simple version has no any fancy features and it thus has 4 big caps.

The enhanced version allows OPAMP swapping and buffer stacking up (up to 4 BUF634s per channel). It features DC jack, built-in charging, auto-off timer, and battery-save mode.

The full version adds to the enhanced version four feature switches: 0/75 impedance, 6/11 gain, 0/10dB bass boost and 0/1 Xinfeed.
Originally Posted by MaxC
Dr. Xin,
can the simple version have the bass boost feature added to it?
Originally Posted by Xin
MarxC,the 4 awitches must be added together. Three versions already offer LOTs of customizations; more options will simply confuse major buyers and increase significantly the production cost.
So I guess if you want the bass boost, etc. you have to buy the maxed out version, eh?
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i'm gonna forego the extra switches.
it makes everything look too cheesy.

i think the design could be improved more, but as it stands, it looks good enough. not great, but to the point where i wouldn't be ashamed to be carrying it. plus the silver should match my mini ipod.

if you want bass, just use the ipod EQ. you'll have to mp3gain all your songs down a bit, but otherwise... no problems.
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