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Sony EQ

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What settings do you guys use on the sony r900 and e900 md players? Should I be using EQ? I wouldn't dream of it on a regular rig. . . but people mentioned here that they used it on mds. . .
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I think my treble is two above zero, and my bass is one above zero. Sounds peachy with my Sennheiser MX500s.

The EQ thing is a bit more mandatory on Sony's newer MD recorders, IMO they sound like crud if you leave them flat. The sound kinda reminds of a bargain $20 Made in China PCDP that you can find in Wal Mart, really warm, boomy, and muddy. Now on the other hand I'm glad the Sony's do have EQ, using the EQ I can get the R and E900 to sound pretty similar to the old school Sharp 821/831s, minus 5mw on the headphone jack of course, which makes me envy Sharp owners much less. Before the adjustable EQ on Sonys I always though Sharps sounded better period, now I'd say it's a close call.
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With different kinds of cans I used different presets (I own the R909), namely:

E888 - T 0, B +1 or +2, sometimes both zero - these are rather balanced earbuds
Koss Porta Pro - T +1, B +1
Grado SR-60 - T 0, B +1

I pretty much depends on recording and kind of music you listen to...
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Thanks! I'm using mx500s too. I'll try out your settings vertigo. . .

I have a sharp mt90 too.
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when you say 2 above zero, do you mean above the CENTER or the total left?
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I mean center. Sony's EQ goes -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3.

Hmm that ain't right, Sony states there's 7 steps to their EQ, maybe there's also a -3? Not sure, I'm doing this from my head.
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Edit - Checked on Sony's website; it's 8-step going from -4, through 0, to +3.
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Ok, so vertigo: still +2 treble and +1 bass?
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