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How is the R909 when it comes to quality and just overall as an audio playing unit? I want something small but better quality than mp3s. what do you ppl recommend?
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It's excellent!

The MZ-R909 is much more than just something to play MiniDiscs! I think you know it's a RECORDER, so you can make music from, virtually, anything. Copy CD recordings or tap into your sound card and download mp3 files, or many other uses. I use my unit for recording live perfomances and church sacrament talks.

As a playback device, it has VERY useful 8-step bass/treble controls, which allow customized sound, moreso than the usual per-set EQ settings on most other devices.

Anyway, if you can live without the Net MD thing, the R909 is the best MD recorder on the market, IMHO.
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I second to that.

I have the R909 and it's the loveliest portable thing I have ever owned. I have had quite a bunch of various players, including 2 MD and 5 cassette players.
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I'll third that.

I've had my 909 for a couple months and it is flat out awesome. IMHO NetMD isn't worth it in its current state, but it does show promise. The 909 is as small as my MZ-R90 but with MDLP it is much more versatile. It is my third portable MD recorder, and by far the best in every way.

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thanx to everyone who replied. im probably gonna get myself a mz-r909 since everyone seems to like it. for anyone out there who dislikes it for any reason, plz reply and inform me of whats so bad about this player.
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oops, i was over at a friends house and i accidently replied using his account. i said *above*. ignore the fact that it was from mallow005.
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