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Various DIY amp gushings from a new DIY-er

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I have finally finished my amp design on protoboard, a CHA-47 variant. I've been using batteries up until now, but the amp is primarily intended for home use. I also happen to have just completed a powered protoboard for Electronics class, which has variable +15V and -15V inputs. I figured I'd see just how good this thing is, and put the total 30V into my amp. Woo, that's good! There is no discernable hum at all -- and there shouldn't be, this is a linear regulated power supply. I'm really thinking that the next amp I build I'll design to be powered by AC exclusively.

However, I highly encorage those of you who play with amp designs to get ahold of a powered protoboard -- it beats screwing around with batteries or other supplies when you are just fiddling, and there is a LOT of real estate for circuits (mine is about 50 square inches of circuit space.)

Electronics is becoming a very fun and expensive hobby! Luckily I can mooch many parts, tools, and the like from school.

I can already tell -- next up will be a transistor-based amp, now that we've gotten to the transistor chapter! Perhaps the Kumisa III?
I'll be sure to post pictures of my finished CHA-47, and other monstrosities I create. Thanks for the help!
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Corda HA-1 is also a good amp to build, it's crossfeed filter makes music sound natural, especially for classical.
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Glad you are enjoying yourself! Don't feel alone, I am becoming consumed with this stuff myself. I am not a newbie, its more of a "rebirth". I graduated from Devry in 1980, and thought I was going to be a musician/sound man, hah-hah. Then came actually having to make money, so I have been in computer/telephone field service for the last 20 yrs, and kinda lost touch with building audio, til now!!
In the last two months I have build two Szekeres amps, one AC Coupled/single supply, and one Direct Coupled/Dual supply. Actually, I have rebuilt each one at least three times, getting a little neater and cleaner layout each time. Also have built the CHA-47 and the Levalois/CMOY ckt, no hansen board though. I have probably spent $500 on parts, its kinda' hard to believe that, even for myself!! But like most people recommend, I buy at least 2X what I need, most times 4X or 8X!! Also getting lots of transformers, cases, silver wire, plugs, jacks, etc.
Oh, what kinda cans are you using, I found the Szekeres matches my Grado's better, but the Levalois/Cmoy drives my Senn HD575's better, current vs. voltage gain, I guess!! For now, I like the Levalois/Cmoy "better" than the CHA-47 for my needs. The CHA-47 has almost "too much" drive. I think apeared's ears are worse than mine, and that's kinda hard to imagine!!

Well have fun

db out
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Ah, the Kumisa III... designed by a Dane I might add I'd like to hear one of those...

Have you tried your amp with your HP890 yet? if so; how does it sound?
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i have been using my "test" szekeres with my HP890's and i like the sound.

originally when i built it, i used it with my sony mdr-d77s and didnt like the sound at all. dont know if the amp needs burn-in time or it just didnt match the phones.

like da_burl, i too have spent over 500$ on components, and i havent even started building my own power supplies yet!

i buy about 2X to 4X the amount of components i need, so another 2 versions of szekeres are in the future for me. the last one will be made with higher quality parts.

fun stuff!
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My HP890s love the CHA-47, particularly now that I took off the batteries and gave the amp ~35V with a max output of 280mA! I'm really noticing how these opamps shine with a better power supply. I don't know if it's the extra current or voltage but it just sounds nice.
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