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hi i am rather new to this still so i apologize for the perhaps very nooby question.
currently using my v-moda m-100s with my (old) galaxy s3, and to my knowledge i only get audio clipping and odd static from that as a source?
what would be causing this and is there a simple solution?

other useful information;
i am using a range of different audio quality but they are all flacs (generally ranging from cd quality all the way to 24 / 96 ( i do not believe i have anything higher), the static / noise is most noticeable on the 24 / 96 files

there is nothing inbetween my headphones and my phone besides the regular 1 button v-moda cord (which i hate by the way, thing gets kinked up so easily)

the audio static is pretty much always there on the files it shows up on, but the audio clipping seems random. not sure if its the audio jack on my phone or what.