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This is going to be my real portable rig

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Not transportable, but portable:

Panasonic SL-CT570
JMT CHA-47 with PacTec case (2x9V), ¼" headphone jack, Elna caps, higher gain output
Sennheiser HD600 w/ stock cables, haven't decided if I want to try the Stefans or Cardas cables yet

NEXcell AA 1800mA rechargeable NiMH batteries
Maha 9V 160mAH rechargeable NiMH batteries
AllTek AT-5798 Pro Charger (AA's and 9Vs)
RadioShack #273-1680 3-12VDC/1000mA Regulated AC-to-DC Adapter
*note - JML, what's that small international 1500mA version you talked about?

Jansport backpack

What do you guys think?

BTW, does the 570 take M plug for adapter?
Also, where to get sorbothane for cheap?
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'Higher gain HD600's'?

Are you sure even the HD600's themselves are portable?
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Higher gain output on the CHA-47, higher gain HD600 doesn't make sense.

Yah, I'm one of those folks who always steps out of the norm.
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*bump 2

Come on guys! Near 100 views, and only one reply, with a misunderstanding and not a comment or follow up. I'm sure someone's gotta have similar portable rig like this.
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sounds like a sweet setup, although i'm still in the "closed phones for portable" camp.

myself, i am waiting for my cha 47. here's what my portable rig will be when everything arrives:

sony d-777 pcdp
markertec mini - mini
jmt cha 47 amp (penguin)

etymotics er-6 earphones

#9 & 14 gumstick batteries (4 total)--i ordered directly from a guy in japan, i'll let ya'll know how long it takes--he has a number of other japan-only products, too.
panasonic nimh 9v rechargeables

all of this will fit into a tiny caselogic bag. the whole rig is small enough to attach to my belt.

alternates are sony mz-r70pc minidisc recorder, and sony v6, d66 (going to order), or e888 heapdhones. at home i'll use my cd-1700 with this rig.
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Hehe, MD + Etys+CHA-47 strapped to a belt, talk about super portable. I don't like any of the Sony players, but I must give them props for G-Shock when active use is a must (doesn't apply to me, yet).

A really nice portable cassette player (not recorder) would be icing, but I haven't been able to find one (however I used to have the Sony WM-D6C, don't want another). You wouldn't happen to know of any besides the japanese only Sony models do you?

I have the Markertek cable too, but I want a better one. I'm hoping someone will make me a Jon Risch design (Bolder Type 1) mini-mini cable.
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You wouldn't happen to know of any besides the japanese only Sony models do you?
sorry, all i can really comment on are the d6c, d3, and dd9. the d3 is a smaller d6c, and the dd9 was a japan only model. i've seen the dd9 come up on ebay TWICE (i got the second one ), so there is hope. they are the most durable portable i have ever seen, like a TANK it is, so a used one is a pretty safe bet. using metal tape and a good analog source is required. i don't use dolby, although the dd9 comes with b & c.

have you tried the d-777? i never use the shock protection, even when walking around downtown with it almost never skips. it has an great headphone out and the line out can best be described as sonically spacious in every way.
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I've only had a listen to the late model Sonys. I can say that I've been disappointed with every portable source though, even the Pana 570. If the DD9 is the only viable option, I'll give it a try sometime. Can you comment on the sound? I've sold my old cassette deck, I'll have to get a new recorder.
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there are actually dozens of high end japan only walkmans, check out this site for listings. it is in japanese, but if you download the windows japanese language pack and run it through altavista's translater you will get a good idea of what it says. it is just that the dd9 represents the apex (i think) of the walkman's reign.

my home deck is a later sony model with auto tape calibration and dolby s. the dd9 sound compares very well to the home deck, and although i haven't done much a/b comparisons the dd9 has maybe 80% of the sound quality of the deck. the dd9 provides a very wide soundstage (compared to other walkmans i've tried) and a very refined sound. the dd9's frequency response to my ears extends further in both directions than my d-777 pcdp. the dd9 also has a more realistic sound from analog sources than my d-777, better stereo positioning of instruments and since it is analog it is warm warm warm. the d-777 provides much cleaner, less distorted sound with a zero noise floor. a drawback to the dd9 is it is somewhat heavy, and when the battery starts dying there is a bit of wow if you shake the unit (there is no anti-roll feature as it is a twin motor direct drive unit). another drawback is no line out on the dd9, but the headphone amp in it is one of the best i've heard on a portable. i can't stress enough how sturdy it is; the dd9 is like a metal brick (but roughly the size of two cassette cases stacked). it is also a beautiful unit--if a walkman could be described as "sexy" the dd9 is it.
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I'll only be using a pcp for active use (Sennheiser MX500), so no line out is not a problem.

So this can only be bought second hand huh? How much do they generally go for on eBay?
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Audio&Me wrote:

RadioShack #273-1680 3-12VDC/1000mA Regulated AC-to-DC Adapter
Page 423, Radio Shack catalog. They make small "International Series" high-power adapters. All are regulated, and I've checked enough samples to believe them. Worst case was .08 v high.

They come in 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, and 9 v sizes, all are 1000 mA, except the 9V, which is 1500 mA. The #273-1771, 9v, is $22.99. The others (1753, 1754, 1759, and 1762, going up in voltage) are all $21.99. They're at least 1.3 the size & weight of the "normal" wall warts.

The unregulated wall warts might be filtered, but they're pretty far off the rated voltage. I just tested them today, and the 9 v, 800 mA one was putting out 11.8 volts (every single sample of over a half dozen were at 11.7 to 11.98 volts).
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i got lucky--i got mine for $50. depending on the ad it may go higher. his ad was like: "sony dd9 walkman in good condition. plays tapes, no radio." other bidders were emailing me trying to get more info... seemed like i was the only one who knew what it was. doing the research paid off.
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4.5V is the one I need for Panasonic SLCT570, it doesn't mention being regulated, but I'll take your word for it, thanks. I wonder which adaptaplug I'll need. I think the polarity is negative, not sure on that either.

shifter - I need one that I can actually get, hehe. Oh well, not in need anyway. Thanks for the info though, I might get it if one pops up.
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Audio&Me, I've been poring over the web and the Radio Shack site and catalog to try & find regulated & filtered AC adapters. You would think this would be easy... But NO!

Anyway, it seems that RS makes that 273-1757, 4.5V and 700 mA. *AND* they make a 273-1667 that you can set from 3 to 12 V, 800 mA, and a chart in the print catalog says it's regulate and filtered. The website info doesn't mention the filter. I'm going to check it out tomorrow because I need one like this that does 6 V and 9 V.
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