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LUBRIPLATE White Lithium Grease

Originally posted by hussman
....Oh and for the grease, Radioshack, Home Depot, Walgreens and Fry's Electronics all came up short. I found a white teflon grease at a Model Train store that should work well. I'll report back hopefully tommorow (I have alot of studying to do this week for tests, and plus I have a paper due on friday).

Hey guys! Here is a link that sells what you want if the teflon isn't right:


I've bought some lube, as well as belts and other parts from these guys and recommend them.
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Another hint: When laser diodes get old, they are getting weaker, too (and sometimes also the plastic lenses slowly go blind - better pickups therefor use glass lenses). So if lubing doesn't help, you should try to dig up a schematic, because there usually is a trim pot somewhere to adjust the laser current...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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i agree: when lubing is no longer working, a little trimmed pot really helps.
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Thanks for all the ideas guys, I think I might have actually got it working alot better. I did the lube thing which really didn't do much, but it needed to be done anyhow with the condition that the original lube was in. I had a Sony d-245 laying around so I decided to gut it for parts (the spinning motor died) and I pulled off the little head thing that goes along the track and put it on the D-777. The grooves in it were alot more well defined so I guess it doesn't slip as much now and it seems to be working decently. I'm going to field test it tommorow walking around and all that and report back. Thanks again for all the help.

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