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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-400i

Will Ship To: CONUS

For sale is a pair of gently used Hifiman HE-400i. I have had these for about a month and ordered them from Razordog Audio. They are in pretty much mint condition and are the new revised version with the 2.5 mm plug connectors. They come with the original box and accessories.


I heard a lot of good things about the HE-400i before I bought them, and they did not disappoint when they came in. However, I realized that they are a bit too bright for me, and I cannot get used to the sound signature. Therefore, they will be better off in someone else's hands/ears where they can be enjoyed more.


The price is $280 + shipping + Paypal (unless gifted). Shipping is strictly for CONUS since I do not want to deal with the hassle of international shipping and such.


The only trade I would be open to at the moment are the current model of HD-650.


Pictures will go up tomorrow or so.


PM for any questions/concerns!