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Headphone repair question.

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Ok, my brother bought a pair of broken beyerdynamic headphones from ebay, I have no idea what they are, just 600 oms.

Now he is mad that the 50$'s he spent went tward... a broken pair of headphones, and he refuses to do any diagnostics to find out whats broken. 


from what I can come up with...


1) it could be the cable

2) it could be the cable through the headband

3) it could be the driver


Any one of these makes sense to me due to the many ways cheaper headphones have broken for me, however I have no way to test any of this. 

Is there a way to know for sure without having a multimeter? 

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Physical inspection may help you out.


First try wiggling the cord right at the jack. In most single channel failures it's a connection in the jack that has been pulled loose.


Second, if it is not the jack the next likely suspect is the cable on the driver itself. You will need to open the cup of the dead driver and look.


Third is a break in the cable somewhere else. Unless there is visible damage you are going to need a meter for that one.


Last is a dead driver. It happens but without a meter you will have a problem diagnosing that unless you have another cable you can hook up to test with.


99 percent of the time it is the first or second problem. If the phones are really old look for corrosion on the plug itself.

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Yea it wasn't the first or second, and there's no visible damage on the cables... damn... thanks.


So I have never used a multimeter before, what settings should I set everything to when I eventually get one to test it out?

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First off just test for continuity. There should be a setting for that on the meter. You will know when you hear a beep when crossing the leads. Put the leads across the sleeve (third metal part) of the pin and if it is the left driver you are testing the first metal part of the pin (second part is the right channel) if you here a beep there is continuity and all should be okay. If you get nothing you know the cable connection is bad.

Swap the meter over to Ohms, it should be visibly marked and check both sides to see if one channel has a different value than the other.


Theres actually a youtube vid of this somewhere.

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Here's a nice and short tutorial on how to use multimeter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF3OyQ3HwfU
The dude is also checking speaker's impedance there so that should come in handy for you.

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got the multimeter, it was probably the cheapest digital one available, i wasn't there for the purchase, however i'm basing this off of the screw head falling off while putting in the battery... very poor quality material... 


it was the speaker sadly, going to be looking into a replacement one soon, thanks. 

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