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I got my Xitel DG2 to work! HEHEHEHE.....

Actually, i still think its a piece of junk, but if it works, it works.

I fiddled with settings on my DVD drive, then fiddled with settings on WMA's cd audio settings, and finally have reached a point where i can sucessfully record a song without unnecessary track marks being inserted! At least, that doesn't happen every time - i have a 50% chance of getting a good digital recording now....

Does anyone else have experiences where a little "tweak" or "fiddling session" had results that exponentially increased their happiness level?
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I got my Xitel DG2 to work! HEHEHEHE.....
What the @#$##@$#@#@@????????
Man, I'm gettin' too old for this stuff!
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i put my CD collection in a freezer for 2 weeks, when i listened again, it sounded like a veil had been lifted from over my audio system. THe highs were clearer, the midrange was smoother, and the bass was tighter. Also, the soundstage became wider and more defined. Unfortunately, it would also reveal any faults in my cd collection. some CD's became harsh. Nevertheless, the improvements were staggering and i'm wondering how i ever listened to music before trying this.

joelongwood- the zitel dg2 is a device that plugs into the USB port (one of those holes in the back of your computer ) and puts out a Toslink digital-optical signal. It basically bypasses your computer's soundcard and allows you to hook up a DAC or minidisc directly. Unfortunately its really poorly designed and either doesn't work or sounds like crap when it does (80dB SNR, which is HORRIBLE for an all-digital device)

Coolvj- have you considered getting a cheep soundcard with optical out? they're really cheap nowadays, i posted the link for one selling for $15 a while back...That thing should sound slightly better than your Xitel, be much more reliable (100% success rate )and won't cost very much...

Oh yeah, i was joking when i made my first comment...
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sorry joelongwood......shoulda been just a tad more descriptive there.

Anyway - yah, i will be getting a soundcard with digital out soon...i am basically FED my Xitel BS2 i mean DG2 doesn't work again.....

Oh much for bliss
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Unfortunately its really poorly designed and either doesn't work or sounds like crap when it does
Thomas, I mentioned this before but I'm not sure if it was here. The above comment was definitely true with respect to the original Xitel DG model. However, I've heard nothing but good things on the MD boards about the newer model.
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hmmm, i dunno, i haven't checked the MD boards for quite a while, but back when i did, all i saw were negative comments about the xitel USB products. And coolvj's xitel seems to be suffering from the same problems as the ones i always read about.
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