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Chu moy's pocket headphone amp

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hi i'm a newbi in all things headphones and i am thinking of buying parts to make a headphone amp by Chu moy.

i've got a couple of problems with finding some of the parts for the project namely the Burr-Brown OPA4134 Opamp in Australia.

would anyone know were to find them in Oz?

does any place actually distribute them in Oz, because Altronics is a pain to find any thing on their webpage, and i couldn't find them at Jaycar.

cheers guys
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Hi Gerard, welcome to Head-Fi.
I moved your post to the DIY forums because: 1. it belongs there, and 2. you'll be more likely to get answers to your questions from the DIY guys that inhabit that forum. Hope this helps.
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Try these web retailers:

Newark Electronics
Mouser Electronics

Check Digi-Key for the op-amps. Also, you might want to consider the OPA2134 for the Cmoy. I hope this helps.
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thanks guys, i don't think that they do stock them in Australia, i could just order them online from, digi-key, mouser, radioshack all at once.

thanks alot
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I know RS Electronics has some of the OPA132/134 line, and they have local offices in AU. See the parts list section in my CMoy assembly tutorial for RS part numbers. I believe Farnell might also have these, but I don't have Farnell numbers. Yet.

(My web site is apparently down at the moment. Ill be calling my ISP at the start of business in a few hours to find out why, so if you don't get in immediately, try again later in the day.)
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The RS here in Oz is vastly different from the RS in the states.

Only a few places in Oz stock the opa's...one being the distributer and the other I know of is trevor wilson (where I got mine)
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I'm not confusing Radio Shack with RS Electronics, if that's what you mean, Ctn. We can't even get parts from RS Electronics here in the US, without going through a complicated arrangement with the UK office. Too bad. If I could order from them, I could get Elantec buffers easier.

I gather that RS has actual stores, unlike DigiKey and other pure mail order distributors? It may be that the stores don't have the chips, but they list them on their site. The part numbers are 218-8281 (2132PA) and 285-8069 (2134PA).
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Ahh yes RS(not radio shack) has a store here
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Yeah Farnell (Newark in Aus i think) has them.
They just upgraded their online ordering system though and I've had a bit of trouble buying from them. They lost my credit card number and shipping was delayed by nearly 2 weeks.

I did a parts cost comparison for parts needed for the cmoy at some of the more common retailers in Aus (Farnell, Jaycar, Dick Smith) and you should really check around because although Farnell has the best selection its prices arn't always the best.
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Gerard, RS Components have a Trade Counter in Perth, and that's probably your best bet. Otherwise Farnell only have a Trade Counter in Sydney (lucky me!) but Web shopping is OK with them.
Neither is very cheap, but mostly they are very efficient and carry good stocks. I just got some 2134s from Farnell last week.

Good luck!

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