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B&O A8

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I know these phones have not gotten favorable reviews here but here goes.

I was at the mall where there is a B&O store so I checked them out. My first impression was very much like the first time I tried an in-ear canal phone (er4p) Very screachy highs no low end Played with the positioning of the earclips and the adjustable posts and started to get much better response still with good detail. After fidlling for about twenty minutes I also strated to adjust the angle and depth of insertion. Yes I said depth, even though it is an earbud it requires a proper fit, very simialr to the er4p, e5c,e3c,e2c... (i'v tried them all) After achieving a "proper fit" with these ear buds you get great sound. Very deatiled and very good bass response. More on line of the Shure e5's with detail about the same or maybe better then the e2's. I cant believe how minor adjustments to these really effects the sound, but once you get the sound that you like the earclips and posts kepp them in place unlike other earbuds. They are extremely comfortable also.

I think that like in ear phones anyone who has tried them and did not find a full range of music was not getting a "Proper Fit".

That said I do not want to discuss if they are worth the money. That you have to decide for yourself in what you are looking for. I did not think any of the above mentioned in ear phones were worth the money to me because I coulnt wear any of them.
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maybe their show set was dipped in red bull energy drink or something, they certainly don't get anywhere close to my er4ps

i've had my a8s for close to three years, i moon them occasionally and use them for running

in terms of design and looks, they really are worth that money, but sound wise in my opinion no
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I NEVER thought beo ear/clip phones were bad sonically. I actually think they sound quite good for ear bud or clip phones.
ONLY thing I NEVER like about beo is the PRICE...I think these should be at US$100.
It's definitely overpriced, but I guess that's also subjective as well.
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mchurgin, did you buy them and how much is it? What's the B&O warranty policy? I heard some people have problem with their customer service.
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I did buy them $150.00. The warranty is lifetime replacement worldwide. They appear to be made very well. Aluminum and rubber coating on the clips.
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they used to be like 90~100 they are too expensive....
I'd rather get a headphone than A8.....

(this is kind of paradoxical, since I have ATH CM7 which is also quite expensive for an earphone.... )
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but id rather have CM7 than A8.
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dunno, I think A8 are now to common

btw new AudioTechnica Earphones are out....they look similar to A8, but way more cooler !!!!
Too bad they are as expensive as CM7 is....
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you mean the EC7 ?
Those look cool but i wonder how long it takes before i accidentally bent the thin wire... hehe...
for me, portable use always equal to simple earbuds, thats why im sticking with my MX500.
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hmm .... what I have heard is a little different: I heard that thin wire-ish looking thing in EC-7 is actually pretty strong than what it looks like, and is not easily's not a metal "wire", it is rather a metal plate....

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I have to agree with mchurgin. The A8 sound is indeed dependent of correct positioning and source. A poor fit will make them sound pretty bad (no bass, poor mids and thin highs). The key is to put them on and push on the earphones in gently toward the ear canals until one can hear the bass as if it was boosted, then adjust the angle as needed. I'm pretty impressed with what they can actually do with a Hifiman HF-801. These A8 aren't just look, they do sound pretty good for what they are and how much they cost.

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