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Hello, I am a new owner of a pair of the DT 770 Pro headphones 250 ohms.


I have read a lot of very informative posts here about headphones.


I have a pair of Grado 125i and they are great! I can power them with an iPhone, but they're not very portable and open ear 

caused issues with others.

I have been gifted the DT 770 Pro and 250ohms is obviously too much for a phone.


I though I could power them if my computer, a Dell XPS 8700, which seems to have a generic Realtek audio chip. 

I've listened to them much louder on my PC, but the sound quality seems poor. 


Would an amp really help with fixing that problem from the PC?


I don't really have a budget for amps or DACs, would the m50x work as a good compromise for portability?


All feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!