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For Sale: Fostex TH-900

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Fostex TH-900

Will Ship To: USA

Up for sale - the gorgeous sounding, gorgeous looking flagship headphone by Fostex.


There are a few cosmetic imperfections which can all be seen in the photos.


1) There are two small nicks in the black painted finish which you can see silver bit underneath. (Pic 5 and 6)


2) One of the two pads is flaking a little bit (common to the egg-shell membrane material ear-pads over time)


3) A few hairline scratches on outer finish of cup (hard to see, need to look under heavy lighting to see) (Pic 3)


*Overall, I consider these rather minor physical imperfections characteristic of typical use. For perfectionists, you may want to not buy this pair. On the plus side, because they are worn in a bit, they are exceptionally comfortable to wear.


Update: The Price DOES NOT include the Stand. Only trade offer I'm interested in is the LCD-XC.

Included is the ORIGINAL BOX (nice for storage w/ a foam insert).


Returns will not be accepted.


I will ship these out immediately signature required via USPS PRIORITY MAIL.
Buyer to cover Paypal fees as needed (3%) and shipping fees ($20).




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I'm interested but as I'm new here I don't have 5+ feedback......... So, you won't take my money ? o.o I have good feedback on ebay if it matters. 

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I closed the listing a few days ago (listing says closed) as I had decided to keep them instead. If I decide I'd like to sell them again, I can let you know if you have feedback on Ebay.
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Actually, it looks like you're from Australia... I don't ship outside the USA.
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You seem to have a lot of stipulations dictating to whom you'll sell to. You're effectively limiting your market, but whatevs.
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Not really... Just want someone with a couple positive transactions and is within the USA. I think that's a rather broad market.

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Stand is optional and will include it for an extra $25.

Stand has 3 dings, please see pictures below.

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Back up and available. Please only WILLING/ABLE USA buyers...

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Is this really ******* good with EDM songs?
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Are you willing to do any trading i see you live in ill pm me if you are willing to trade.
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