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About a month back I bought a pair of VMODA ZN. And I liked them alot. So much that i took them everywhere and they were stolen (or figured a way through zippers, idk).

Anyways I realize i need something portable or whatever and want to buy something a little less... overpriced. And maybe a bit more similar to my AKG Q701. My aim with IEMS is something with isolation. The ZN with comply tips were pretty great and id like something comparable. 

Right now im gandering at SE215s (duh) ($125), RE400 waterline ($109), and RHA MA750i ($150). This is all Canadian pesos by the way, because i'm in Canadia.

Maybe SE315? Maybe those new fender ones?? As long as its not a random chinese company and i can find em in canada im good. I also really want something metal and with detachable cables, but dont care too much about that.

I wanna spend around $150, or maybe should I crawl back to the vmodas? I found them a bit flashy (to thieves) and bassy. I only own like 3 pairs of ok headphones so i need someone's informed opinion. 

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