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I've got a Bifrost/ USB that has been running well for a year (mostly Spotify on a 2 channel setup) (2) Win 8 and 10 laptops until a few days ago. Both on the same day wouldn't recognize the Bifrost USB connect, other USB connections--printer, etc. fine. On recommendation of Nick at Schiit service I bought a 2.0 USB hub. The hub helped in at least both laptops recognized the connection but still unable to connect and play (Spotify). Also, did multiple re-install of drivers but still no go.


Last directive from Nick at Schiit was " You will need to open your System Preferences for Sound and set the Bifrost as the default playback device.

In your playback software you will also need to set the Bifrost as the playback device using WASAPI as the option."


Initial install a year ago was easy and fast, both laptops, but trouble started with both at same time this week. I'm thinking a Win 8/10  auto upgrade changed settings somewhere. Schiit service has been very frustrating and poor so really not sure what to do. These guys seem to  care little about helping and a phone conversation is way too much trouble:/  Had I known I would have gone a different direction altogether for a DAC.


Any ideas would be appreciated--of course, I've got 20+ for Christmas dinner tomorrow w/ no music.  Take care and thanks.