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Hello there,

I've been in a long lasting relationship with Koss Porta Pro, which pretty much satisified all of my sounding requirements. Until I got these cheap generic-like Phillips SHP2500 at work. Funny thing is, I totally fell in love with the way they make heavier music sound. Later on I tried few different headphone models from my friends, but it's just this expresiveness and "spacial" sounding that I cannot quite find it anywhere else.

I would have bought SHP2500 already without further delay, but thing is - this model has been discontinued. I've seen few other models like SHP2000 or SHP2600 which seem to be from the same series, and which may even be an "improved" versions of 2500. I was wondering if anyone has experience in comparing these specific models (or other ones from same series). Can I expect them to have same or some really similar sounding?