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Final: 2nd Quail Group Buy

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All cables taken

Wire type: 6 feet, 14(gauge)/3 SJT, Shielded, Black
Quail wire reference page

NEMA Plug type: 5-15P, hospital grade (green dot), Black
Quail plug reference page

Appliance End (IEC): C13, Black
Quail IEC reference page

Others: With ferrite clamp on each end (non removable);
The shielding is a foil shield and is connected to the ground pin.

Estimated time of delivery: The estimated delivery schedule is 11/08/04

The cord looks the same in the picture, except that the color would be all black.

Time of delivery: It will take another 10 weeks for the powercords to be made by Quail & delivered to our US contact

Delivery: Ayt999 will receive the cords from Quail, then he will ship the cords to you. More shipping info on the next post by ayt999

I will be asking for $14.99 for each cord not including shipping costs to you. Please put your head-fi nick in the subject line when you pay. The Quails will be delivered to ayt999, so please PM him if you have any questions about shipping costs from him to you. More shipping info is in the post by ayt999 right after this post.

Payment: I accept paypal payments. My paypal address is aabdramos@yahoo.com. This is a verified paypal address with more than one hundred verified transactions, 95% of these transactions were done with head-fi members.

The cords costed $12.99 before August 15, 2005 but now costs $14.99 if you order now. The others paid in full for them to place an order, so I think it is just fair that their price is cheaper compared to those who signified interest after the orders were placed to Quail.

On the first group buy, the cords costs $12 for the early payments and $14 for the late payments. The extra $0.99 on the 2nd group buy is for my effort, I hope its ok with you guys.

For your peace of mind, here is my feedback thread.


People who have already paid:

av98m2 - paid
akio 1 - paid
asmo 1 - paid
ayt999 10 - paid
bl2003 4 - paid
chrisczarra 2 - paid
clifford 2 - paid
demonray 2 - paid
dixie flatline 3 - paid
dreamnid 1 - paid
downingp 1 - paid
evoz 2 - paid
frozen 4 - paid
fmonar 1 - paid
gastro 54 3 - paid
gchow 4 - paid
genetic 1 - paid
gp0001 5 -paid
gsferrari 2 - paid
hajime 3 - paid
haycheng 2 - paid
hella 1 - paid
intlplby 1 - paid
JazzJackRabbit 2 -paid thru ayt999
Jeffro 1 - paid
JMT 2 - paid
jmzzz01 2 - paid
mackay maus 2 - paid
MikoLayer 3 - paid
megaptera 1 - paid
mjg 1 - paid
mycoman 1 - paid
nanahachi 4 - paid
nierika 3 - paid
ooheads00 1
petery83 2 - paid
Ph34rful 2- paid
psxguy85 2 - paid
Publius 3 - paid with shipping
purk 4 - paid
raiden -1 - paid
raif 2 - paid
raypan 2 - paid
ReasonablyLucid - paid
rsaavedra 2 - paid
salt peanuts 5 - paid
sir poulet 1 - paid
skenny 2 - paid
some1x 3 - paid
sygyzy 1 - paid
thp 12 - paid
tim_d 2 - paid
tortie 2- paid
turing 3 - paid
tyrion 3 - paid
ufokillerz 4 - paid
utep10 3 - paid
xantus 1 - paid
yorgi 3 -paid
zbuddah 3 - paid thru ayt999

total 150

If you see any mistakes with your orders or if you have paid and I have not signified in this list that you have paid, please dont hesitate to PM me.

Were not taking orders anymore.

Quail Review Thread
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Please Read: more shipping info

I think everyone that this applies to has asked me already, but anyone that lives near me (I'm a few blocks from UC Berkeley) is welcome to pick their cables up at my place and save on shipping costs and delays.

For US orders:
Shipping method -- USPS priority mail (unless otherwise specified) from 94709
Package weight -- # of cords = weight of package in lbs. (except for one cord orders which would be for 2 lbs. and three cord orders which would be for 4 lbs.)
Delivery Confirmation -- $0.45
Insurance -- $1.30 for up to $50, $2.20 for $50.01 to $100, etc.
packaging fee -- $0.50 per cord
Total shipping cost -- sum of above + 2.9% + $0.30 paypal fees

if you don't want insurance or delivery confirmation to be used, please indicate that when paying me.

For International orders:
1. please select your country here and input the package weight (weight (lbs) = # cords + 0.5)
2. select a parcel mailing option (such as "Global Priority Mail - Variable Weight (single)" or any of the other package options)
3. send me money via paypal noting your Head-Fi handle, and the mailing option you prefer.
4. if you want insurance or anything, I'll see what I can do.

also, if anyone would prefer that I ship with Fedex (or any other method), I can do that too. I think most orders are cheaper when shipped by USPS due to their low weight.

tips are welcome and encouraged. it will be split among the people helping out with the sorting, packaging, delivery to the post office, shipping, and whatever else needs to be done once the cords arrive, but most of it will be donated back to Head-Fi.

my paypal address is: ayt AT berkeley DOT edu
(take out the spaces and change the AT and DOT to @ and .)

NOTE: please put your Head-Fi handle somewhere in the paypal statement or I wouldn't know whose payment I got and whose I haven't yet.

all payment options accepted, though items won't be shipped until payment clears. contact me for a shipping address if you want to pay with a check or money order.

people who have made shipping arrangements already:
local pickup:

shipping paid:
sir poulet
gastro 54
dixie flatline
salt peanuts
mackay maus
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Payment sent. Hopefully, by the time we get these, I'll have some nice equipment to plug them into.
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Payment sent.
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Funds sent, thanks for arranging this a second time.
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Sorry, gonna have to withdraw on this. Money is just too tight.

<Please put me down for 2.>
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i'll take 1
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Payment sent, thanks tortie!
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Payment sent. Thanks for setting this up!
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I'm all paid up.

Tortie, don't go crazy with the extra $.04 I gave you

But really, thanks so much for all your help!!
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I think I'm gonna have to withdraw my 2 cords. The wallet is looking mighty empty.
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I think I am withdrawing as well.
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since I've gotten questions regarding payment for shipping, basically I'll accept anything that is within reason (so no wampums or other interesting forms of currency) although paypal will be preferred. so this means money orders and personal checks are fine too.

you can send cash in the mail if really necessary but I won't be responsible for lost cash in the mail and will only ship the item once I get funds for packaging / shipping.
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I guess I am up for one - Can't really go wrong with $13, right :-P
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Money has been sent by paypal. Thank You.
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