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What's good guys


Looking to replace a pair of V-Moda LPs (the first ones). Those things go hard but are gettin pretty beat up because I've had them for forever. I listen to a bunch of rap, but have a decent variety of songs in my collection. I love bass a lot, but also like headphones to be well rounded whenever I listen to other types of music. It looks like the LPs are best suited to my needs, but whenever I listen to my LPs, the bass doesn't seem all that powerful. Maybe it's due to age, or maybe I'm just used to the amount of bass by now. But back on topic, I was looking at the LP 2s, but read somewhere that the bass is less hard-hitting than on the OG LPs. Is this true? Like the fact that just about every other category is better on the 2s, but in order for these to be a go for me, they need to have at least as much bass as the 1s. 


Appreciate the help

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From my experience, there is less bass on the LP2, but the quality is much better. I rarely ever see someone who wants more bass than the LPs. In any event, you can look into the latest offerings from Beats. Their recent stuff isn't half bad.

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Have you looked into the m100? I t has slamming bass. It may be worth exploring.

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