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Looking for a good Portable Package.

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Hey I have recently become really interested in Portable Amps and was wondering what a good package is.

Im looking for something thats very portable but also sounds good. When I say package I mean CD player Amp and headphones. (Nothing to expensive though $300-500 range.)

Is headphones.com 's Air6 Package good? And if so what CD Player should go with it. Its right here http://www.headphone.com/layout.php?...tID=0000000004

I'm really interested so email me also PLEASE

(I listen to Hardcore/Punk music if that helps any.)
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portable setup

My portable setup is, or will be:

Sony D-25S pcdp: $45

Etymotic ER-4S: $269

JMT built CHA 47 Altoids amp: Cheap (can't mention price here)

As you can see the pcdp and amp are well below your 300-500 range. The JMT amp has been said by many to be better sounding (more dynamic or something) than the Total Airhead. Considering the price of the Airhead and the price of the JMT, I say contact JMT and get him to build you one. The Ety headphones are some of the best I've heard. But that brings your price up. If you want to keep the price low, try some Koss KSC-35's or Sony V6's or Grado SR-60s. All of these are reputed to sound great and are priced fairly low.
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JMT built CHA 47 Altoids amp: Cheap
I prefer the term "inexpensive."
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value priced or "best bang for the buck" are terms that also come to mind
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Just wondering here . . . why can't you guys mention jmt's price? Is it because of discrepancy in amps, to put it that way?
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JMT prefers to keep his prices private.
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another newbie who need some suggestions too :)

Hi, I need some advise from fellow Head-Fiers as well

I've been shopping around for an upgrade to my system (CT570 & SR-60). It's mainly used at home for music like Trance, Jazz, Rock and a little bit of Classicals

I have considered getting SR-80, Sens. HD495, or Sony V6 for a while. But i'd prefer to spend a little more to go further and stay with it for a longer time.

Will Grado SR-325 and JMT CHA 47 combination be a significant upgrade?

Any helpful suggestions?

Thanks in advance ,

p.s. for JMT, I tried to PM you to purchase a CHA 47, did you get my message? please email me at zhtham@yahoo.com, thanks.
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I disagree with the Sony D-25S suggestion. If you're planning to buy an amp from JMT anyway (so you don't NEED the high output headphone jack), you're better off ordering a newer player with a better DAC.

If I only had $500 to spend on a *portable* system, I'd probably buy a Panasonic CT570 from Onecall for $88 shipped, Etymotic ER-4S from Headroom for $269+shipping and use the balance to get JMT to build me the best Etymotic geared portable amp he could.

Sometimes I wish I HAD done that.
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I suppose if you think about it a bit, the D-25S would be better for stationary use, but it still sounds better than any newer pcdp I've heard. But then again I've never heard the pana ct570. Well I have an old Aiwa that I can use and I can just take out the adapter on my etys to convert them back to er 4p's. This setup was keeping me plenty happy before so it should be fine for now.

If anyone's unsure whether or not to get the 4P's or 4S's, just do what I did and get the 4P's w/ adapter from Xin Feng. Then you get two headphones for (almost) the price of one. I'm sure I said that before but I'll say it again
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Originally posted by zhtham:

p.s. for JMT, I tried to PM you to purchase a CHA 47, did you get my message?
Sorry, responded to your PM.
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