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Slappa D2 Pocket Pictures?

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Just curious, would anyone be willing to take some close-up pictures of Slappa's D2 CD pockets? I'm thinking about buying one of the 240 disc models, but I don't think I will if they're constructed in such a way that would obscure CDs behind others, if you know what I mean. I won't be putting any jewel-inserts in there, so I'm wondering if that means I'd have to put CDs behind other CDs, hence making about half of my collection invisible, hence making it a ***** to find anything.

Please, someone tell me my fears are unfounded, I'm dying for a 240 disc Camel case...
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Your fears are well founded. Using both pockets means covering one CD with another. A bummer--I know.

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Yikes. Thanks for pointing this out. Guess I'm not going to be picking up a Slappa case.

- Chris
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