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Senn PX-200 Help

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Hi, just received my PX-200s from Really disappointed. I find these cans one dimensional, muddy, with no sound stage. Really boring! No sparkle, no bass, nothing!


I'm comparing to my PX-100 which just bit the dust, MDR-V6, Klipsch S4, and Monster Miles Davis Tribute, and others.


Will burn in fix?  Should I return for my money or another pair (do you think I received a bad pair of cans?)




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Return, buy Monoprice on-ears, done :)


You did receive a bad pair of cans, the PX200 :) Poking fun aside, the PX200 are fairly ho-hum especially in 2015. PX200-II made up for it though.

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Oh, sorry. The pair I have are Px-200 II

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Okay then, you might need to EQ in the bass and treble. I also had to do that esp. unamped. Both ends rolled off for me but still consider them one of my all time favorite ultra portables with a bit of tweaking. You might not get along with them in the same way. Either you figure it out or you can get the Monoprice instead as they have all those things you want, good low end, airy with depth, and some sparkle. $15 or less and no tweaking needed but they only fold flat not up like the Senns do.


Or maybe the other Senns like the HD229 etc. might work better for you. Read the reviews. The prices are good on those now since new ones seem to be coming(HD221, HD231 etc.)

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