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For Sale or Trade: Yuin PK3, Pico DAC etc

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For Sale or Trade:
Yuin PK3, Pico DAC etc

Will Ship To: Anywhere

PM for details/pics. Price included to conus only; pp fees on buyer, combo purchase shipping discount will be applied. 

They are definately great-sounding items and they are worth to own. I am parting with them only because I got too much gear. Encouraging head-fi members who had not tried them yet: it's worth to give them a try~ 

Also, if anyone would be interested in a Yuin PK3 earbud, I will be able to sell one at $15 which is exactly how much I payed for, or $22.5, but only for throwing it in a combo purchase with the other following listed items:


Pico DAC only (no amp) with leather case, like new: $150 firm, for sale only. Add a regular USB-B to USB-A cable for $4.


Sony NW-E95 DAP, excellent condition, 512MB, uses AAA to power and connects to Windows XP or older. Sounds meaty and bassy but has some background white noise as old DAP. Comes with USB cable ($20 if bought combo)


For record of sale/trades or items paused for trading:

SR125, pre-"i" version but with non-pink drivers. I guess they are the SR125's with the lowest value. They come with like new Grado black cush since the original cush was worn and not in super shape. Trade preferred or $77.5 ($70 + shipping) firm.

Sony MDR 7506, 8/10 conditioned, with extra pairs of pads ($45, or $40 if bought combo)

GR07 bass edition Like new, in box, with all original accessories ($77)

Seahf/earbug 400 ohm in excellent condition (although the cable is a little green and excellent condition looks like good condition only, but I only used it less than 3 hours from brand new), comes with it, the box, some cotton cush rings it came with, $73 shipped. (pending)

MOTO 360 1st gen, light grey strap, the strap has seen some signs of use, watch piece is great with a round screen protector on since day one with everything and box ($70 or trade)

Heavily scratched iPod 5.5 gen, 60 GB. It was good and used for quite a while and then had a problem to start. I fixed it by buying a motherboard from ebay for $18. Still in excellent working condition and excellent battery. No prob with screen and shape. ($45 ipod only, add some bucks for a Fiio LOD and a generic 30 pin charging cable as extra.)

Grado GR10e ($252.5, bought new when GR10 was transitioning to GR10e upgrade, they have the copper-colored ring. Price reached the bottom for me...).

Fidue A73 Like new, in box, with all original accessories ($87)

JDS C5D portable amp/dac, repaired by JDS to fully functional at cost, great condition with mini to micro short cable and USB to mini charging/dac cable, and box. ($135)

Venture Electronics VE Runabout portable amp, excellent condition, with stock JRC 4556AD and upgrade OPA2134PA op-amps ($65)

Grado SR325 Black Vintage, serviced by Grado recently to replace the drivers to drivers that speced very similarly with the original pink drivers ($200). PM for pics, great condition, only few scuffs and slight paint off the 325 logo for a headphone that is almost the same age as me.

T50rp MK2 modded ($70), details Love the sound, but have MK3 already. Hard to keep both. This modded MK2 is not bad compared to MK3 and soundstage is better. Let me know if willing to pay a higher price for the like new MK3.

Audeo PFE132 LNIB ($82.5)

Oneplus X ($190), excellent condition, comes with everything except the stock needle pin to open the SIM tray. ATT users will not get LTE most of the time in mid-US areas, not sure about the coasts.

NAD VISO HP50 + Fiio RC-MH1 OCC cable. Black, great condition black with accessories and box. ($155)

Alpha Dog like new with headphone stand ($350)

Grado RS1 buttoned, in 6.5/10 condition, I will send pics if you like. Was serviced by grado 2 months ago because cable went wonky, drivers are totally intact and good. Will include a case ($392.5)

HE400i LNIB listed in a new post

Grado SR225e (early version without e on logo, but has the e version box. Not sure how much for sale yet, just shoot me an offer)
FAD Sonorous VI ($400, trade towards a RS1i/RS1e, THX00)

Xduoo TA-03 (pending return and repair, it is broken during the way to the buyer. In future the packages will be much better packaged.)

HD650 (Great condition no box though; PM for details. Trade towards HD600 + a little cash, or throwing in the cardas cross cable trading with something else.)

HD650 is unavailable, so the Cardas Cross cable is not used, and being on sale now. Mint, Cardas original 5' cable, 1/4'' terminated -> $118 shipped, pp fee is not covered. (reserved currently)

ALO Rx MK2, great condition, brand label rubbed off and pure black. Comes with charger ($250, or trade towards lower end portable amps + cash, or trade). My favorite portable amp to date.

Turbulent X Grados (with upgrade headbands and venus audio canare cable, turbulent labs cups. Very very nice sounding. Not sure how much for sale yet, just shoot me an offer)

Note 4, Black 32GB Verizon unlocked, screen as new, overall great condition, like new screen, used original flip over case,  (pending)

PX100ii with mics for iphone and android ($42.5, or I'll just combo trade), comes with original pouch.

Harman Kardon AE from a HTC M8 ($15, or I'll jut combo trade)

Wacom Intuos w/ pen and cable, let me find the rest ($45 just combo trade)

MOTO X 2nd gen, black 16GB AT&T, brand new in box, purchased new, box opened (phone is brand new as described though). I owned the phone before and loved it and bought it in a buzz, but after all I already have a phone in use. Willing to trade for audio gear.

Audioengine D3 DAC/AMP (New opened box to test only once, including everything, $90)


ATH-M50s good condition with aftermarket soft pads. Sounds great, but I don't like the super long straight cable. ($64 shipped)

Anker Premium Bluetooth Speaker like new with everything ($42.5, or I'll just combo trade)

New in box Jetdrive Lite 330 64GB, excellent external storage for MBP retina

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Pm'd regarding VE and Tingo





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