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I'm rather new here but have been reading and stalking from the shadows for a while now.


Currently my setup Fiio X3 1st gen + Beyerdynamics DT 1350 started acting weird, sometimes I loose one channel or I have a lot of noise while walking. I suspected the player to be the troublemaker as the headphones walk flawless on my desktop rig, but I went the extra mile and finally replaced the cable. Well it turned out the player was the one to blame, which was a nightmare from the start, 3 replacement units, awful bugged firmware, trouble with several micro SD cards and a few other issues. I double checked with my DT 990s and it is definitely the player! I had a look inside the player to identify the problem, but couldn't find any loose parts or suspicious solder points.


So I'm looking for a new player, a FiiO is no option even as the newer models seem a bit more "mature" but I got burned too hard on the last one. 


I don't care for a large display, prefer old school buttons, rigid built with focus on sound quality and battery life, which is the main reason I bought the FiiO in the first place. Up to now the iBasso DX80 caught my eye as well as the Onkyo DP-X1, the latter seems a bit too expensive and the large display and lack of buttons is a bit offputting, the sound quality however is a big plus.


Music wise I mainly listen to Rock, Metal, Punk and some electronic swing.


So anyone ideas or suggestions, everything highly welcome!

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