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The request is just to get them to ask a manufacturer to do a drop. No reservation or anything, but they email you if/when it starts.

You'll need to order when it's up.
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So, might we be expecting some secondhand TH900 show up more for sale now? Oooh my wallet is ready.



Originally Posted by kapanak View Post

Massdrop should do a collaboration with Audeze and Hifiman on a LCD-X, oh, already used? Maybe a HE-X, nope wait, that's also taken. Nevermind, carry on.


I'll be voting in for Sennheiser HD-6X0 (if there's such vote anywhere) :tongue:

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Originally Posted by JohnYang View Post

I work the the FB1 and I am the head of stealing data from people's cellphone department


All jokes aside, it comes from an email from Massdrop.

:I didn't get an email from Massdrop. 

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Originally Posted by solidsnake4119 View Post

:I didn't get an email from Massdrop. 

The date and time was already mentioned on the drop page's 1st comment early this morning.

The email was sent out a few hours ago

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hmmm...not sure what to do. the th900 is one of my favorite headphones. period. and the d7000 is a very fun headphone. but this sounds like all the looks of the d7000/th900 minus all the fun. i just picked up a vintage pair of grado rs1 so they will be my mahogany of choice until I start hearing some reviews of
this. as with all the mass drop offerings, a bunch will be for sale in the new year...
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Originally Posted by inseconds99 View Post

Trying to EQ this treble on my TH900, cant seem to tame the treble without ruining the sound. any recommendations on specific numbers?

Upper mids: 5khz-6khz is the worst area. I don't find the upper treble problematic on either, though I'd focus on 9khz, which IIRC is the second peaky area. I wouldn't worry too much about anything above 11khz, as that is mostly nuances, and nothing cumbersome.

Keep in mind, no two headphones are alike, and the peaks may be a little different. One of them had a peak at around 5.5khz, the other had one near 6khz for me.
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OK I am in, been looking for a nice closed headphones. If the pads don't work out for me, expect a mint condition TH-X00 to be able n the classified ads.
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You know you could certainly do without them... You really don't need more headphones... Then the MassDrop email comes- these would pair nicely with the Grace m9xx you just bought. You know, the one you didn't really need...  


"Time to stop kidding yourself, kid.

Your hooked- heavier than lead..."


Sign me up- this will be the last time...


I promise...

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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post


better, 'THX00 is the end game"... ;)

Every single freaking time a new mid tier headphone arises it gets asked to be compared to TOTL stuff. When people get it it fails...and not just by a little. But then buyers pay for it knowing what to expect. 


At least with this one its not a financial risk so I am buying the headphone just not buying the hype. 

Then I can get happy if it is a Giant killer. 

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I am interested in these but it is so difficult to buy headphones without demo ing them first. I have not bought anything on massdrop before. I understand items are non returnable. It seems they have 2,000 units on this drop. Will they have more available later in the year after more reviews have at least come out? If they do, is the price normally the same and I would assume you would have to wait for another drop?

Also, I listen to rock music. I did not buy the th600 or th900 due to reading the mids are recessed. Normally in that case I have trouble hearing the guitars as much as I would like. Anyone know if theTH X00 will have the same issue?
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This is dope! Such a beauty!

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Dope is the word!


T minus 54 hours :]

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Do. Want.



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Can anyone compare these to the Philips Fidelio X2? With the switch from a V-shaped sound signature to more of a U-shaped signature, it sounds like their presentation should be similar, but with better PRAT, smaller soundstage, and worse ergonomics. If anyone can compare, that would be dope. @project86

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These look really nice!  Just bought a 400i though so I think I should be done buying headphones this year.

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