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How are your ribbon speakers working? I know you mentioned that you were looking at different diaphragm materials, have you gotten anywhere with them?
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Hi Serow
Thanks for your interest.
I have sent my cheque and await the materials arrival,it should be with me in a couple of weeks.
This should be interesting as it is 18microns of copper on 12microns of polymide,this is the thinest I can obtain in small quanties of the shelf.
Other options have been 12 copper on 12 polymide and 5 copper
on 25 polymide but these have to be bought by the roll at
£6000 a roll OUCH!!
My present material is 18copper on 25 polymide so the mass reduction is worthwile.

There are so many possible design approaches with these planars
that I would like to try but with cost/time restraints I am having
to jump in a particular direction and hope any problems are not
fundemental to the chosen design.

I have found someone who can laser cut the steel pole piece profiles out for me [and other potential flat pieces] so this will
help with man hours for the next stage; making several pairs of phones for doing comparison work.
I am considering moulding the magnets/pole pieces into an integral whole using a filled epoxy for the transducer frame/body.
With pre cut metal parts layed into a mould and cast as one with
threaded inserts for fixtures, this should make producing the transducers a bit less painfull to make.
Properly designed ear pads and head band are in consideration also.

I am now investigating an amp design to partner it but this is
at very early stages,that said it is ever more urgent that I have
a very good amp for testing these things[not forgetting test equipment proper]

I have listened to the current phones for many hours now.
It is strange, put a sine wave sweep through them and they are
far [very] from perfect but boy they are nice to listen to with music.
It is always difficult to describe the sound of something but I would say they sounded thus:
A very powerfull bass with a stonking mid bass with the punch and torque continuing down to 40HZ[ish maybe a bit lower] then
rolling of relatively fast below that in power terms.
The punch and energy continue in the mids giving a fruity forward
sound marred by some uneveness caused by too much damping
at the ribbon ends[I feel 90% of this can be sorted in the next version]
Treble is smooth and natural but because of the hot mid and bass components can sound a tad dark.
The soundstage could be bigger though but suppose that is the
penalty for the forward gutsy intimate sound.

I would like to keep some of the above characteristics but certainly want better ambient low bass and some more air in the

Reading the above I do not know what sort of sound will be pictured but I am comparing with a Stax 4040 system with an
Arcam CD23 as source.
As for music they sound ok with all styles.

At the moment I really have no Idea how far I can improve this
design I hope I can achieve a balance of colorations that sound
nice, as for graphs etc who knows,
Afterall this is an artists folly.

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Oops, I'm sorry that I forgot to reply to you setmenu. I've been really busy the last little while. Sounds like you are making good progress; with the laser-cut pieces and moulded parts, this next generation should look professional! Are you planning small-scale production at some point?
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Hi Serow
It's ok we are all busy people.
The planned parts I mention are really to enable parts to be made with less man hours so that more than one pair can be made for comparing sounds and trying different ideas.
If I end up with a good sounding design who knows?

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Just ordered some custom shaped magnets!
these will replace the 9mm dia ones I am using at present,they
are 6mm thick bars so the new trnsducer will be much thinner
and have a lot less 'cavity' at the rear,, yipee!

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Ooh Setmenu, I was in London when you last posted in this thread

Maybe I can be your guinea pig?
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Hi Duncan
If I can get these things into a fit state then I would be delighted
for you to have a listen.

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Looks like I am going to have to obtain some impulse response
measurement and processing test equipment now
to better understand what is going on with those hot spots etc.

I like the idea of a graphic display of the transducers evils[or not like as the case may/will be].

This project has definitely drawn me in! Hope it is worth it
Still fun though
Must watch those £££ as well

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If you are doing some measurements, you should try to find out the voltage/current requirements while listening at different volume levels. Then you know what kind of amp is required! Sounds like more DIY fun.
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Can't measure sound pressure at the moment but at my loudest
tolerable level at 100hz with the 5ohm coil it measures 3v at
Not scientific but a good rough guide.
The next generation with higher impedence should need far less
current to go loud.

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