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I want to buy new great headphones in the not so distant future and I've found that Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250ohms would probably be the best cans for me and heavenly sounding....  I listen to a lot of genres, most mainstream genres I like, but yeah I am big into Electronic music/EDM, bassy music. I'm a drummer so rhythm is most important to me in music, catchy/groovy beat is a groovy beat, there's no denying that. 

What do you think, am I going with the right choice here, DT-990? You can recommend other headphones in the same price range or very slightly above. 



So, the biggest problem/ponder is about the Amplifier/DAC solution for these headphones. Looked at schiit fulla, Fiio e-line (e10 etc), and what have you. But I am aware that these are.... portable solutions, am I right? And I need a solid, high quality, great powerful solution fit just for the DT-990's 250 ohms impedance. Please, owners of DT990 headphones and other, can you recommend me a great dac/amp solution to get? It should not be too dear... But it doesnt have to be a cheapo either. So what I mean it can be around 100-250€/$, around there guys. if possible, use this webshop (Thomann) to find a good product.