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For Sale: FS: ZMF Walnut Omni + Extras

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For Sale:
FS: ZMF Walnut Omni + Extras

Will Ship To: Con US

It's sad to think that after waiting quite a while for the Omni, I have to consider letting them go. These are a little over a month old and still in pristine condition.


The only reason for sale is that looking forward into my future, I will likely be spending a lot less time at home with the Omni, and with my trip to Asia approaching, I will likely need some extra funds.


The original packaging is included, and inside will be:


ZMF Omni (899), ZMF OCC SE Cable (99), Seahorse Case (45)which totals to be about 1050. I figured 720 would be a fair deal. Having no wait time for the headphone is also a plus of course.


An additional option with the Omni will be a DHC Complement 2 Balanced cable. The cable is terminated with dual mini xlr, but there will be a ultrashort adaptor included for use with 4 pin xlr. IF you're interested in the cable, I will include it for an additional 180 dollars. The cable MSRP is 400 + cost of the adaptor.


I would ask the buyer to add the additional paypal cost, and I will cover shipping.


Thanks for your interest!

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Would you consider selling them without the cables
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Originally Posted by kbuzz View Post

Would you consider selling them without the cables


I assume you mean the DHC cable? Worth considering, but would be a bit difficult for me. Feel free to PM me and we can see how that works from there.

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Nice deal! I have some cherry omnis already but someone please buy these before I do something dumb.
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Great headphone and a great price (imo)!

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