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Hi all! I'm new here, I hope it's not painfully obvious!

I'm on my second set of Bose MEI2i earbuds and it's time to find something else. I'm actually really happy with these headphones; I like the fit, the sound seems ok to me, and I need to stay away from isolating earbuds while I'm at work. I'm just tired of the silly things breaking on me. The wires on my previous pair broke at the driver enclosure. The wires on my current set have ended up twisted and kinked in the middle and the wire is pushing through the sheathing. For what I paid for these earbuds I shouldn't have electrical tape patching holes.

I primarily listen to podcasts, so just having decent full-range performance would be great. I listen to a little music, but for serious music listening I switch to cans. I'd like the in-line mic and controls, and I use the volume adjustmen buttons all the time, so that's important. I also pretty typically have them in most of the day, so comfort is a huge factor.

So to recap: I'm looking for a fully iOS compatible earbud with all day comfort. I really like my Bose MEI2i's but I'm tired of them falling apart. I'd like to stay around $150 or less, but could make a case to go as high as $200.

Thanks in advance!