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They made me do this...

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The reason I am doing this is to react on Romaz's Comparison of 5 High End Digital Music Servers. Although it is a pretty interesting review, I strongly disagree with some of his statements and assumptions. But before I can jump in, I have to write something. Well, here it is...


For those interested: I am a longterm audiophile with the following equipment:


  • Digital source: Totaldac d1-server with reclocker (1 box) with some small Linux/MPD tweaks (...!)
  • Digital alternative source: Mojo modified Mac Mini with Audirvana
  • DAC: Totaldac d1-monoblock (3 boxes)
  • Preamp: Ayre KX-R (not Twenty)
  • Power amp: Burmester 956 MK2 (4 amps, bi amping)
  • Speakers: Home build 2 meter ribbon with 5 Acoustic Elegance Dipole12 woofers, open baffle
  • Power: Burmester 948
  • Analog source: Clearaudio Emotion turntable with Satisfy Aluminum tonearm
  • Cartridge: My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent EX
  • Phono preamp: BMC MCCI
  • Cables: Totaldac USB and Tubulus XLR (silver)
  • Headphone amp: Metrum Aurix (single ended)
  • Headphone: Beyerdynamic DT880


The whole system is fully balanced, from diamond tip or R2R ladder to speakers. I have a separate mains power supply line, with separate Siemens fuses and silver/copper cable. There's roughly 43.000 tracks on a HP G8 DL380 Windows 2012 server, packed with Samsung SSD's up to about 4TB. It's either FLAC, WAV or DSF. A Cisco 3500 series GB switch is sitting in the middle. I try to use NFS over UPD as much as possible. Lightweight and fast and since I am the only user on the network, I don't have to worry about packets not arriving.


My speakers are home build. If you want to compare, look at the Soul Sonic Impulse Pro and multiply that with 1.25. The ribbons are two meters long, 8um aluminum with special developed Lundahl autotransformers for impedance adjusting. To compensate for the ludicrous high output, due to the 144 neodyne magnets per channel I had to add five AE Dipole12's per channel for the lows. X-over frequency is 538Hz and I use a two way LR2 filter with obviously the best parts I could afford. They are sitting in the living. A warning on the door says: "After listening to these lads, only blame yourself if you don't appreciate your own speakers anymore."


I like to listen to much of everything. Some that come to mind: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Willie Nelson, The Isley Brothers. As long as it is recorded well and it's not ruined by some smart ass mixer, me like it...


I am currently working on a Ayrelink device that enables me to switch on/off my Burmesters with the Ayre KX-R remote. Since I don't hear anything from them, I decided to reverse engineer it. Can't be that tough, can it?


Well, that pretty much covers it. Sometimes I say something nice to my wife, two daughters or two little doggies.

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What part of romaz' comparison do you disagree with? I'd be interested in hearing your opinion but it seems like you left that out. Or is this because you have too few posts?

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