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For Sale:
SilverFi IEM4 2-pin IEM/CIEM cable, 3.5mm plug

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling a truly magnificent IEM/CIEM cable.


The SilverFi IEM4 2 pin cable is undoubtedly the best IEM cable that I have ever owned/tested/audition. I can't begin to describe how much this cable improves dynamics, clarity, focus and detail compared to stock cables.


When I did an exhaustive A/B with the Toxic Cable Silver Poison as well as subsequently the DHC Fusion cable, it was essentially a no-contest. To put it simply, it was quite a thrashing.


The only drawback to this cable is that it is think and sometimes unwieldy. I originally bought this to use with my set of home-use IEMs at the start of the year, but circumstances dictated otherwise and this cable has had 50+ hours of recommended burn in, but less than 10 hours of actual usage.


I would highly recommend this cable for those of you who have a set of TOTL CIEM/IEM that you use exclusively indoors or at home.


A brand new cable costs $875 USD. I am willing to sell this for $460 with all fees and worldwide shipping included.