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For Sale:
Gear Sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Gear Sale: 


•• Pioneer HRM-7 monitor headphones: 125_USD shipped and paypal'd in the US

- frame bent inward for a better fit and was planning on modding these but I will even let the modding materials go as well.

- ZMF  Lambskin pads as well for an extra 35_USD that work quite well. (pads not sold separately)


•• Blue Mo-Fi: 270_USD shipped and paypal'd in the US

- includes all accessories



•• LHLABS Pulse X ∞: 999_USD shipped and paypal'd in the US

- less than 10 hours usage all accessories included with 2G lightning cable


•• *LHLABS LPS: 270_USD shipped and paypal'd in the US

- not yet arrived because the very seasoned seller is on vacation.

- not used yet but I will test it when it arrives if the pulse ∞ is still here.

*This will only sell if the Pulse x infinity sells first. VERY FIRM on this. 


•• Emotiva Stealth 8 Active Monitors (Pair): 888_USD shipped and paypal'd

- minor cosmetic scratch on the top of a speaker. Very impressive sound

- includes Canare xlr to xlr cables and Mogami trs to xlr cable

- works great!


•• Presonus Temblor T10 Subwoofer: 325_USD shipped and paypal's in the US

- Great condition. will ship with RCA cables


•• Shure Alacantra 1540 pads: 25_USD shipped and paypal'd 

- barely used


•• Zebra Cables Power Cord: 50_USD shipped and paypa'd

- will provide condition upon arrival. Bought from head-fier



For those interested in Midi Keyboards (Click to show)
•• KOMPLETE KONTROL S49: 375_USD shipped and paypal'd - Used excellent

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