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Just got the new Samsung Gear Circle IEMs. They are apart of their new Gear line (wearable tech). They have standard range, solid output, and hits cleanly. Not a lot of feedback considering it's a Bluetooth headphone. Touch volume control with some other pretty neat features (magnetic clasp that automatically plays/pauses music/phone calls, a microphone, and built in eq, etc.) The price is reasonable as well for those on a budget. $99.99 retail price. It also comes with an around the neck plastic clasp for those interested in running and wearing the headphones. Overall I would rate each individual function as follows:

Sound quality - 7
Range - 5
Convenience - 10
Price - 8
Distortion - 5 (a metalized sound)
Aesthetic appeal - 10
Range - 10 (34.2ft./10meters)