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Cap question

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What is a 220uf x 220uf cap. Does it mean that you use one for two different 220uf places in a circuit or that you can wire it to be a 440uf, or what? Sorry for my ignorance but would really like to know what this means. Thanks in advance.
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well, it would be nice if you could give us some context.

I think that it means to put two 220uF caps in parallel, thus giveing a capacitance of 440. Maybe this is done to save money, space, because a 440uF cap is too slow, or all of the above.
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I've seen the Elna Cerafines and Black Gate caps listed as xxxuf x xxxuf, and wondered exactly what this meant. Trying to find a cap of about 470uf and wondered if the 220uf x 220uf could be wired to a 440uf cap.
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It usually means two electrolytic caps in the same can. They usually have three terminals, generally a common negative and two positive terminals. Hence XuF on one +ve terminal, XuF on the other +ve with their negatives tied together at the third -ve terminal. (Double check the pinouts on the ones you're looking at though in case they're some oddball config.) One application of these dual caps was in tube designs' power supplies with a choke or resistor between the two positives to form a smoothing circuit after the rectifier.
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