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AHHHHH! A FORUM OF V700 LOVERS!! Send Backup! Send Mike!

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*coming through over a radio, with explosions going on in the background*

GLUEGUN TO HQ!! GLUEGUN TO HQ! I picked a fight at a forum of *an explosion rattles in the background* V700 lovers, and I NEED BACKUP! REPEAT! I NEED BACKUP! I'm taking heavy fire *a scream is heard* and I'm losing ground!! Help me out here!

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Gluegun.......you're doin' GREAT! Don't worry, those guys are unarmed.....no need for back-up!
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Awww... CRAP! V700DJ? Fuggittaboutit.

Seriously, I'd send in an army of Cossack soldiers (or is that Marine paratroopers?) armed with those MDR-V6's and MDR-7506's...
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But the SHEER NUMBERS OF THEM! I mean, LOOK at this!

dj alonzo: v500
sot: v700
special_K: v700
tr@nza: v700 "Every Trance DJ ive seen wears them so u they cant be wrong huh!! "
dazzed: technics RPDJ-1200a
nzwaverider: sennheiser hd200's
veldred: v700
tiesto: v700
trinity: mdr-7505

*in the voice of a Zealot from StarCraft*

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Is the MDR-7506 worth the extra $20 over the V6 just for the better paint job? what about the built quailty? Are they identical?
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Well, with the 7506, you get a parts diagram, a better paint job, and a gold-plated plug!

*Doesn't think that adds up to $20*

Hmmm. Saw your post, Ray...*frowns*

That's not very helpful in the melee.... You read both pages of that post, correct?
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When ai0tron (aka ai_god) first posted for HeadWize, he was hyping those Sony V700DJs... But then he later knew what good sound means...
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what the hell do you mean, better paint job? the only difference in looks is that one has a sticker that says "MDR-V6" and the other has a sticker that says "MDR-V7506." There's no difference in paint job. is there any paint to begin with?
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Actually there is paint.. on the metal earcups, and also (only for the 7506) on the metal part that leads to the plug.. This part is painted black on the 7506 while the V6's plug is silver.
Raymondin, also the plug itself if 7506 is gold plated while the V6's plug is nickel plated.. And there's the sticker difference that Ner mentioned.

But other than that, they're totally identical appearance-wise and sound-wise.

And these minor differences are NOT worth 20 bucks.
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ah, gotcha.

anyhoo, I think I'm going to have to move this thread...
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lol @ that thread...

How many people here have ACTUALLY heard the V700DJ 'phones? I'm quite tempted to, just for the fact of saying that i've been there... I've been through quite a few 'phones now, (Beyer, several from Sennheiser, Sony, and now... the oh so lovely Grados (Yes... thats right, I think at the moment these are my favourites!!)), and I have a pretty good idea of what the "BRITISH" sound is like (don't forget, across all continents / countries that there are different sound styles adopted)

Point being, we might all be slating these 'phones quite correctly for one set of listeners, whereas, another set of listeners are missing out on, what they would see as a bargain in sonic terms...

This might be a backwards step to me, auditioning them (next weekend probably) with all my audiophile 'phones that I have... whereas on the other hand.... well... MY British ears might find a fondness for them

Either way, I won't be buying them, right at this second in time my wallet can't sustain any more battering... but, it would be interesting to hear for myself what all of these arguments are about...

If I report back, and i DO like them... no-one should flame me... afterall, surely our sense of hearing is as diverse, and personal as our sense of taste??
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Sure, Duncan, those V700DJ's may sound like crap next to your Senn 580s, but that doesn't mean that they're horrible. I only gave a one-star review on Epinions to counterract the fact that they're quite overrated from other people's opinions - I think they deserve something like two or three stars if I had an absolute opinion of them...

And Gluegun: Sure, they're POS when compared against your Beyer 831s, but they do have many fans.
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You know, those v700s are exactly what people say they are, and isnt that because that is the sound they like? These so called "dum-bass" people probably make up the majority of that group, but if that's the sound they enjoy, then what of it? Also, looking from a DJ point of view, I would think that the overemphasized bass wouldn't be that bad of a thing, and may aid in beat matching and such. Also, the large clamping earcups stay on a lot better than my V6s... bleh.
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My reply on that thread in that forum say it all about trying to mix with those MDR-V700DJs... What a pile of s***! (That refers to the mixes a friend of mine tried making through a pair of MDR-V700DJs.) That friend's mixes have absolutely no bass whatsoever, and are WAY too bright for their own good no matter what headphones I tried listening to his mixes through.
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V700's are for DJ's only. But that doesn't mean they don't SUCK. No headphone in the world produces more bass than the V700 at such a high expense to the rest of the frequency spectrum. They are basically full range subwoofers.

Only a DJ or a true BASS-HEAD could get any enjoyment out of these things.

There was a time when I liked bass too much and I liked these headphones. But I realized they sucked when I played chopin through them. Very poor sounding it was. So I bought grados and learned to really enjoy music not just BASS.

I trully believe that LOVING these heapdhones is a supreme delusion. They really do suck. It's like falling in love with self mutilation... And I don't mean piercing yourself and such. I mean the cutting your arms up with an exacto knife the way my second roomate did... that's just messed up, there is no justification. You can't just say, oh that's something that people in that part of the world do for fun. I couldn't just say, oh yeah, that's a hobby of my roomate's, he likes to mutilate himself no more than I could say oh yeah it's cool that he likes the V700 dj headphones for mozart more than any other headphone because violins have more BASS. They are both decidedly UNcool.
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