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Potential Heat Issues/Gilmore PSU

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Need to sort out a few worries, any help appreciated please!!

1/ The whole amp will be in a wooden enclosure ( about 300x215x70mm, 5-10mm thick walls ) with no ventilation - obviously this means that the efficiency of the power supply will have to be maximised.

The first change I made was using an 18V toroid transformer, less heat from the transformer and split the V drop between the regs/op-amps. With just that measure in place, do you think it is suitable for the case? I mean assuming 100% efficiency on the regs and conservative calculation it will be an 8.8v DC drop at ~0.2 amps should mean 1.76W heat dissapation + efficiency losses at the regs/opamps? am i right? at this figure, the enclosure should not pose a problem.

2/ Also, if this still isn't enough could the efficiency be increased by removing the opamp stage and placing multiple sets of caps before and after the Reg's? Because it is only one stage of regulation, I assume you could get away with a 15V AC transformer.

3/ Has anybody compared the sound between just the regs vs regs and opamps?

4/ If anybody has any other improvements for efficiency/reducing heat output or comments please post here! I've attatched the pcb design for anyone interested.

EDIT: the reason I have been worried enough to post this is because of all the stories from people with untouchable heatsinks etc..

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hey oli just an afterthoguht about our discussion earlier. Are the heatsinks as large as the capacitors or larger? If so you could use thermal epox to glue an aluminium sheet accross the top of the psu. I think that would do wonders in a case with no airflow. If the caps are larger then mayb a cutout in the plate would do the trick.

It won't do anything for removing heat in the case but it will help draw heat away from the sensitive components.
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