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Originally Posted by Sovkiller
I have already two pairs....
I think you just proved my point
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i will be in for $250 and under
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I plan to do some research into this topic. I've been thinking of selling some dental products online, but this would be an interesting spin-off if it works...
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I'm in at $200 mark.
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I'm interested if the price is right.
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200-250 for me
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If its near of below the $200 mark, im in.
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Tortie, you recently ran/participated in a Quail cable group buy? Care to share your experience or take one for the team?
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Maybe one of the head-fi sponsors could get help us out. If they're able to get a big purchase on some CD3k's, then maybe they could make a one-time deal with head-fiers to increase the number they're buying, while adding the CD3k to their inventory as well.

That is.. if Sony would sell only CD3k's to anyone. I seem to remember one of the retailers/head-fi sponsors mentioning something about how Sony would only sell headphones if the retailer was willing to sell the full range of Sony headphones or something like that, and advertised the Sony line in color (whatever that means). Does anybody else remember seeing this too? If so, this whole thread may be meaningless, unless we're interested in buying the rest of the sony line as well.

Edit: Maybe you guys might be able to try this with some other brand of headphones, like Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Grado, Shure, Etymotic, or whatever.
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If it gets below $50 I'm definitely in!
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I've got a feeling that this thread's about to dieeeee
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I'd be surprised if you guys can pull this off. But if you somehow manage to get it down to around $250 a pair I'd gladly jump in for a pair.
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i think we should have leader first then find a BIG dealer, tell him about 50 people want have a group buy tread on the CD3000,what prise
he can give to us! that is it!
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Small problem regarding a forum vendor helping out - neither Todd or Headroom sell Sony. Todd would be my first choice as I enjoy buying from him. It all comes down to how much margin he is willing to let go of.

I just dropped Todd an email and we will see what his response is.
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i';m in and i have a better idea for a story

"i am in human resources at company XXXX and each year we have an executive annual retreat where we give each of the executives from different branches a 'gift' for participating. This year we were were looking at a giving the executives nice hi-fi quality headphones. We are looking at several different headphones: Sony CD3000, AKG1000, HD650, KOSS ??, etc. We have XX number of executives and are looking to purchase the CD3000s at a bulk rate directly from you, the manufacturer. Our budget allows us to spend approximately $200 on each gift. If we purchased XX pairs could we get each one for $199 a pair."

more legitimate sounding... doesnt require setting up a company... can be done on existing letterhead.... listing the different headphone brands lets them know that you know headphones and lets them know that they have competition for your $$$.... $199 starting point lowballs them, it's psychologically proven that the lower starting point always results in a lower final comprimise... Talking about our 'budget' tells them they don't have room to haggle.

btw... i am in if it is below $250
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