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$200.00 USD magic point. Under this and I would like to get a spare set. Count me in.

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The prices you want to get sound very unrealistic. You are assuming that stores make ton of money on products they sell. If small stores manage to make $20-30 on each Cd3000 I would be surprised. Larger places buying bigger quantities of varies products from a distributors will have better prices but from my experience in the computer retail industry the quantity discounts are counted in a few dollars. For example I would only be able to markup a $250 hard drive by about $10 to be able to compete. Buying lets say a quantity of 10, would give me maybe $2 off on each drive, $3 on 50 etc. Back in the early 90s I was making about $500 on a $2000 computer. in the late 90s it was down to about $200-300 on maybe $1800 one. When I left my computer store to my employees (for free ) and started by web career, the average profit on a $1200 computer was at the most $150. I still have open accounts with a few computer wholesale places and even know the owners but many times the prices are higher then what one can find online

Setting up a business (solo proprietorship) at least in Chicago is super easy. Will only take a trip to downtown and one form. The cost is free When I set up my first business they did not even check my ID. I was actually 17 so it was not legal You can also use existing business. The problem is finding and setting up accounts with distributors. Most will require references from other distributors in the field and will only take cash or certified funds. No checks unless you fill out financial forms, have a business checking account (requires extra stuff like tax ID etc.) I actually sold some Sony audio equipment back in something like 1990 to few friends in high school. After extensive search I was able to find one distributor that had Sony and the prices have been only a little bit less then retail and that was before the web.

Good luck
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I'm definitely in if they are anywhere near $250. But I'm not holding my breath.

I'm not sure why some people are questioning the legality of this idea. If someone has an existing company and places an order from a Sony distributor, it's a perfectly normal transaction. If our volunteer company meets the requirements for ordering from a distributor it's no different than a store ordering from a distributor.

I think the only people who would oppose this purchase would be resellers; but it's not like said resellers will loose 50 orders since it looks like most of us are not willing to pay the current street price of $350-$400.

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Count me in too. Sounds like a good deal if we really can get a group buy going.
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So far how many members we got already????
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couple more things

it would be totally legal, to open up a company or use existing one to order stuff from a distributor and resell it to others even with no profit.

It was mentioned before in this thread but there is a very high possibility that Sony requires to carry the full line or has some crazy requirements.

A year or two ago I was trying to resell Grado. After couple conversations they insisted they had enough resellers and did not want to deal with me. It was for two retail locations (existing CD stores) and sales on their website as well. The just did not want me to sell their products
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if you guys can get them for around $300 for less, ill be very intersted
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a head-fi amp builder on hear could say that he is selling amps locally and wants to bundle them with CD3000s to sell locally to people as a package deal
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best of luck

Well guys...
I was "in" but I finally decided I had more money in my account than patience in my personality so I just ordered them. Count me out I guess unless I love 'em so much I need another pair. If I don't, watch the For Sale forum!!! I hope you guys pull it off though.
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Originally Posted by Sovkiller
So far how many members we got already????
it's too hard to tell, it'd be easier to get the price first. cause some are saying around 200, some are 250, and otheres are 300. at this state, the only sure ones are the 300. others will probably end up backing out, cause those prices are unrealistic.
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yea around 250-300 i'd very likeyly consider.
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I've always wanted the Cd3000. I would have bought it for $330! So I guess up to $300 for me.
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Do you guys think this will actually happen? If so, when do you think it would all occur?

Note: I'm only asking because I've heard that the CD3000 are like the best headphones ever and that they cost like $450, so, if they are possible to get for ~$200-$250, even I might be interested, but it would take me a while to gather the $.
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i dont think that low of a price is possible, i had a friend scour japan and the lowest he found was $350USD

I had a friends uncle check with his wholesaler and it was around $330 as mentioned below.

good luck getting them that cheap, but if you do, i'm in.

Originally Posted by Nightfall
I hate to be the voice of negativism, but the prices that you are hoping for are impossible. The markups on this particular can is much higher than you woould expect.
One year ago, I saw a US dealers Sony wholesale price list and the cost for the CD3000's was very close to $330.00! That was for a single unit, and when ordering ten, I think there was about a $10-15.00 break. I cant imagine its changed much since then. Sorry to break the bad news.

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yea i doubt they'd get anywere near 250....... as for 200 i thought it was a joke.
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