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Not sure I want to buy it, but I'd love to take my rating because I think it deserves it. And if some of the issues I had still exist, I'd like to re-emphasize the need to fix those for users like me.
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 Basic review of the X7.


Had been a long time user of IPod. Heard about FiiO when researching the Pono on CNET. Bought an X5. Started converting everything to FLAC. I am a musician (guitar/bass), so if they recorded it, I want to hear it (Steely Dan Aja for example). Really liked the sound. Even better when I paired the E12. HATED the UI. Apple had spoiled me. Quickscrolling, select artist and see albums not just tracks, easy to construct playlistS, ability to watch video. But I new I had to find a new player when Apple discontinued the classic.


Was wondering about investing in the X7 around Christmas. But a few Amazon gift cards and converting CitiPoints to Amazon $ fixed that fairly quickly. Also took a shot and bought a 200GB microSD card.


I'll spare the unpacking description.


 So i took the SD card out of X5 and put it into the X7. I did not like the one 128GB card limit that was described on the website. Already filled the 128 and was into about 20GB's on the second X5 card. First listen was excellent. Took a shot and loaded both X5 cards onto the one 200GB. FiiO Jim said it should work, they just hadn't tested it. Well, it worked fine. 


The Android experience I am used to, so I knew my way around. My one complaint is that the domentation was...lacking. There was a reference to a manual. Couldn't find it. Stumbled around, but I know there is a lot it there that I don't know about.


Like the new UI. Quick scrolling though long lists is a blessing. Love the Album cover but wish they dropped it below the top Android bar.(picky, picky). Can find things much quicker, much less frustrating to have to figure out how to separate all the "Greatest Hits" albums because they show up as one. Know to retitle when using EAC now for new additions. Do still wish they would list albums under Artists and not just tracks.


the sound. My main IEM's are KEF's. British company famous for audiophile speakers. The IEM's are great. Best bass I have ever heard/felt. The fit is tricky, but once you figure it out....bass line nirvana (as a bass player I appreciate that). These are much better than the all bass Beats family. I also have some Etymotics but nowhere near the bass experience. Over Ears are also KEF's (I have been a KEF listener since 1984). And some Grado SR80's. Nothing outrageous here, just great quality.


The sound is excellent. I love the "soundstage" as well as discovering all those little easter egg parts that good producers like to throw in (like what seemed like 4 new quitars on Springsteen's Sandy that I had never heard before).


Online experience. I have used Pandora on my phone for a while and was disappointed it wasn't on "the list". Screw it, I downloaded it through google and it works fine, so does Amazon music. Took a shot and downloaded a David Gilmour concert that is available for Android. The video stutters a little, but the audio is fine. Again, this wasn't designed to be a video player, so....


Questions. While the IEM amp on the X7 handles the IEM's, I have to push the volume into the 80's and 90"s to run the big KEF's.

Absent the headphone module, I am going to try strapping the X7 to the E12 and see what happens.

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@hansonsc56, are you referring to the m200's? Great iems indeed. Do me a favour and buy the $5 VE Monk earbuds, hook them up to your X7, and let me know how your mind is blown :-)
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@waynesworld just ordered 2 pair. Will let you know.
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Originally Posted by Joe Bloggs View Post

X7 firmware version 1.8
Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xsk5a8w9srjk2vl/X7_v5_20160131-ota-update-FW1.8.zip?dl=0

The following changes and improvements were made to X7 FW1.8 over FW1.5:

1. Added USB DAC function (DAC driver required for windows; driver-free for Mac);
2. Added support for AM2 (medium-power) headphone amplifier module;
3. Increased sound quality of third party apps when playing hi-res music of higher than 44.1kHz sample rate;
4. Increased volume of third party apps;
5. Increased bluetooth volume;
6. Fixed some UI display issues.

The following changes and improvements were made to the FiiO Music music player app:
1. Added DLNA function;
2. Fixed issue where albums under the Artists listing could not be opened for browsing;
3. Fixed issue where a library scan may fail on occasion;
4. "Prev track" button now goes back to beginning to present track if it has been playing for more than 10s;
5. Fixed issue where the app registers as "not responding" while scanning the X7 for media; added "scanning" notification to UI;
6. Whole-album music files are now hidden when they are split by a CUE sheet (the split tracks are shown);
7. Volume can now be adjusted by sliding finger up and down the screen after volume interface is shown by pressing volume buttons;
8. Fixed issue where adjusting lyrics' position offset on one song affected offset on all songs;
9. Fixed issue where Bluetooth devices could not control play and pause actions;
10. Fixed issue where the song listings do not update after an automatic media library update;
11. Fixed issue where Next and Prev track do not take effect after adjusting an EQ setting;
12. Playback position within Favorites can now also be memorized on exiting.

Note: if Google Play does not function correctly after an update from before FW1.5, it may be necessary to boot into recovery mode (hold volume and power buttons) and wipe the system cache and perform a factory reset. Please back up all data on your X7 before attempting this.

Note 2: Firmware version 1.3 and above will get push notifications for updates automatically over-the-air, so you can update it via OTA after connecting to WiFi. If there is no push notifications for FW1.4, please kindly re-connect to WiFi or restart the X7. Or if your X7's current firmware is older than version 1.3, you may still need to download the firmware file to update.

Note 3: after an update from before FW1.5, ES File Explorer icon does not appear on the homescreen automatically. You may add it from the app drawer manually.

How to manually update X7's firmware
Before updating:
1. Make sure that the X7 is adequately charged (preferably fully charged).
2. Switch X7 from Pure Music mode to Android Mode and restart X7 (if not already in Android Mode) so that Android functions may be accessed: pull down settings menu from the right and click Mode button to change from Pure Music to Android and reboot

To update:
1. Connect the X7 to your computer via the provided USB cable
2. Pull down status menu from left, select USB Connected->Turn on USB storage
3. Copy the provided update zip file to an easily accessible location on the X7, preferably the root directory of the external SD card
4. Eject the X7's drives on the computer to cleanly unmount the X7 from the computer; disconnect the USB cable
5. Click on the Home button (middle soft button at the bottom) to go to the Android homescreen and click Support->Update
6. Browse to the update zip file loaded, click on it and click OK to confirm the update
7. X7 will reboot, enter update mode to apply the update, and reboot back into Android when the update is complete. Info on older firmware (Click to show)
X7 firmware version 1.5
Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ucyr69u5p0wt9t/X7_v5_20151225-ota-update-FW1.5.zip?dl=0
The following changes and improvements were made to firmware 1.5 compared to 1.4:
1. Added support for Google Play (now built into firmware)
2. ES File Explorer has been added to replace the built-in file browser.
3. New dialog prompting reboot added for when the Android / Pure Music mode switch button is pressed.
4. Reduced mechanical transient sound on reboot.
5. Corrected behavior of idle poweroff and sleep timer (fixed unintentional shutdown issue).
6. Added support for planned amp modules (being currently in pre-production).
7. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

X7 firmware version 1.4
Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipopduqygwqtije/X7_v5_20151217-ota-update-FW1.4.zip?dl=0
The following changes and improvements were made to firmware version 1.4:
compared to FW1.3:

1. Fixed the issue of possible auto pause after screen off.
2. Amended EQ to ±6dB.
3. Enabled adding any songs to Playlist/Favorite.
4. Added the function of reading files via OTG.
5. Added explanatory text below the icon of Scan all and scan Selected folder(s).
6. Optimized the loading rate of SD Card.
7. Broadened the volume adjustment area on screen.
8. Broadened the area sliding from the right for callout of current playlist.
9. Broadened the area for quick search.

X7 firmware version 1.3
Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofzp2yqmibkltwh/X7_v5_20151204-ota-update-FW1.3.zip?dl=0
The following changes and improvements were made to firmware version 1.3:
1. Implemented / fixed pulsar light on/off settings customization
2. Fixed issue where the X7 played music without sound / did not play
3. Implemented Over-the-air push notifications for future updates
4. Implemented idle poweroff option for X7 (not just FiiO Music)
5. Screen rotation set to off by default (please turn off screen rotation when downloading over-the-air updates to prevent interruption)
6. FiiO Music app version: 1.6

(firmware version 1.3 and above will obtain updates automatically over-the-air)

X7 firmware version 1.1
The following changes and improvements were made to firmware version 1.1 compared to 1.0:
(to be added)

First release X7 firmware:
X7 firmware 1.0 (2015-11-05)
The following changes and improvements were made to firmware 1.0 compared to beta firmware:
1. Removed non-functional google search bar;
2. Removed whitelist restriction (any user app can now be installed);
3. Amended battery meter parameters for more accurate battery readouts;
4. Bluetooth device name changed from "rk3188" to "FiiO X7"
5. Kernel version / build number revised to FW1.0
6. FiiO Music app version updated to v1.3

why i can't see 1.8 FW on official website?

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Originally Posted by JUGA View Post

why i can't see 1.8 FW on official website?


You might have missed it - this page : http://www.fiio.net/en/supports/37


Bottom right hand side.  1.8.

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Help...i transferred over the zip file to my external sd card but when i load it into the player


and restart...it is not visible...



any suggestions????

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Dear All , good news to share with you,our Multifunctional Bluetooth Remote Controller RM1 will be ready for shipping all over the world in the coming days. RM1 can be used with the Bluetooth-enabled FiiO music players( such as  X7),as well as other Android/IOS Bluetooth devices.


For more details of RM1 , please feel free view here: http://fiio.net/en/products/49#RM1


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Looks exciting. 

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Now we are looking for 5 reviewers to test our incoming Multifunctional Bluetooth Remote Controller RM1, TO be the first one to get hands on FiiO RM1


Warmly join us here : http://www.head-fi.org/t/803141/be-the-first-one-to-get-hands-on-fiio-rm1-multifunctional-bluetooth-remote-controller#post_12457908


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FiiO X7+All AMP Modules (AM2,AM3,AM5) Review World Tour Starts Right Now!


If you would love the review the X7 with all AMP Modules together ,you are welcomed to show your interests here :



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I revisited the Fiio X7 after getting some software upgrades and amplifier modules. Please check out the link if you're interested. 


Long story short, Android Market is here and the AM3 is an awesome little amp module. Here we go:



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