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Middy, Once the film is made measuring thickness is easy. The issue we had was measuring it when it was being made to control the thickness. It is just one example of things we encounter. 

Audeze LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of headphones that redefine the world of high-end audio using a unique combination of proprietary planar magnetic...
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We follow the philosophy of people doing the job coming up with solutions, using Lean manufacturing tools 5S ect.

My earlier post was trying to get more constructive feed back for your good selves and improve interaction with your hardest critics.

I think there is a huge untapped knowledge base/ resource in your work force and people here. As you have a potential professional work force with skills and personal pursuits outside their own jobs who happen to buy your products and come to HEAD-FI.
I can only speak for myself but if you have a problem and won't loose you a competitive advantage by asking for ideas why not.

I can't give you trade secrets but would get a kick if I can help, I sure others here from different fields would too.
Ask the question here, set up an E-Mail to your production manager..

My first idea to get the ball rolling.
A square frame diagonally split. One side to clamp the diaphragm membrane.Side A B. The other side clamps side C D. C D Pulls in the opposite direction using a measurable force. A thumb screw can fine adjust your desired tension so you can apply the internal frame. This can also be a double quality check for imperfections, final stretched thickness other QC requirements...

Cracking wood. Store pre machined wood in a humidity controlled cabinates. Batch wood on target market. Annual rainfall , general relative humidity where you are sending the product. Wood density ect..less extremes less failures.

This post is a big, hopefully not patronising or too of topic post. More, better, faster, cheaper products.

Win win. Let's see if people agree..
Keep smiling..8^ )
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Audeze is awesome, that's really all I have to say.  I would have been quite happy to buy 2 of the new headphone bands at $200 (only because the original band is so uncomfortable) but selling it for $150 is icing on the cake for me.  I would be ex-static if they sold the vegan option for $100 to match my vegan earpads.  I have a stack of original leather and vegan headbands and earpads in unused condition if anyone is interested or wouldn't this be the knob for Audeze to 'upgrade' my headbands for $50 ;)  


I think you guys are doing incredible things and I am a life-long customer for you already but please focus on reducing the weight with carbon fiber cups and even 1T magnets if necessary once this new double phasor magnet tech finds it's way to the X/XC lineup and I will be waiting with my wallet open.

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Agreed Middy. We have in the past used many resources from HeadFi. Kabeer, MacedonianHero, Saachu to name a few. Even though we do not post often, we look into the posts and have made changes etc.


What you are saying is definitely true and we will be more engaging on headfi in future. 

Audeze LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of headphones that redefine the world of high-end audio using a unique combination of proprietary planar magnetic...
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mmmm.......not getting into the technical but for a simple guy like me who proudly owns the LCD X, EL 8 and LCD 3F (and soon the LCD 4, perhaps, maybe, IDK yet since I'm waiting for the chance to audition one), I just wish for Audeze to make a TOTL headphone that weighs like the EL8 but performs better than the LCD 3F. It is a simple wish and I hope that Audeze will be able to make my wish come true someday. Long shot perhaps, but possible? And please price it sensibly. TIA.

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Follow my boring work based post. Wood veneer on carbon fibre housing. Aluminum matrix cast housing. Grub screws. How would you reduce the weight and keep the sonic signature? My boss nags me with" I want solutions not problems.. A weight off all our minds...
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Great! It is quite a relief to see Audeze's actively participating, as for myself started to doubt its business model in approaching such a highly competitive market. The relative inconsistency in some batches, coupled with a little presence by Audeze representatives for explanation or at least for a defense of their business standards gave me a foggy thought about it as a viable world-class headphone producer.


So thanks Audeze for giving us at least a hint regarding the effort put  in quality controls over production process.


But still $4000 is a merciless price. :o

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Originally Posted by Audeze View Post

We sure make mistakes. We try to correct them and sometimes over-correct as well.  If we are a bit more transparent and hopefully post more on headfi, we can clear some of the misconceptions. 


Thanks, that is encouraging. If I could make one request: can you make a definitive, public statement here about what the issues were with the many LCD3 driver failures and how it's been corrected (in new LCD3s and in the LCD4s)? We only have second-hand information from various people that the cause was found and addressed.

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Originally Posted by Audeze View Post

Exidrion, As another poster pointed out, the carbon fiber headband is made in small batches and is quite expensive to make, since we use it not just as a decorative element, but structurally as a spring. If people like them, there is demand and we can make more, then the price will come down.

>>Does Audeze make anything that isn't overpriced?
We just introduced a DAC/AMP/DSP and an ADC with a lightning connector for around $100 at RMAF. It even comes with an app to control EQ. This particular product is quite a feat of engineering and we expect a much wider market, so it is priced significantly lower.  If you see, there are almost no products in the market that offer the functionality at even 2X or 3X the price. 

We go to great lengths to make some of our products. Almost no other company does some of the things we do. The magnets we use are all custom made and we had to figure out how to make these magnets all the way from slurry. We cast our own film and make them here in the US. We had to figure out a new way to measure thickness of them film during manufacturing, since there are no easy ways to do this. The number of tools we had to make to just handle these films are quite a bit.

The innovations we do in the high end trickle down quite quickly to our other headphones. When we introduced the LCD1 the film thickness we used was about 8X what we use in the cheapest model (El8) we make. The EL8 film is thinner than even the newly announced/shown electrostatic headphone. The LCD4 film is much thinner than that. 

The prices are determined by volume,  dealer  and distributor margin, R&D cost, market size etc. Also many of our products are made in the US, with significantly higher manufacturing / labor costs. Also big companies can distribute the cost over a wider product range. As a small company this is still a significant challenge for us. 

Thank you for the clarification and facts. I sort of just assumed headband materials wouldn't cost that much to manufacture, hence my reply, but now I see.
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Audeze - can you confirm that you are aware of this thread? (Below).

It's seems to be catching a lot people's attention this week. I was directed to it after my issue yesterday.
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I understand people's issues but I think there may be a point of starting a new thread. Ideas, improvements. Product issues help advice. For the LCD 4. and others

I know most threads go through the same process of information, speculation, accusation.. Maybe a new product needs three separate threads. Information, general chat. Listening impressions product reviews. Suggestions/issues.

I don't know the format administration use here without being over perscriptive. Or they just herd cats until ones a naughty kitty..

I'll say it again. People here with their passion have a chance to critique and influence the product.

Manufacturers have a chance to tailer and improve. If I was a manufacturer I would get as much feed back as possible. As a user what you like and don't like without turning into a witch hunt. How you think it can improve..

Mr Audeze insider just threw down the gauntlet.
What is the issue you have and why it affect you, how would you change it.

You build a PC or bike for a friend and he says its rubbish, you expect a reason so you can fix it.. Sorry I teach this to my apprentices and graduates, analyse come up with issues. How would you fix it and what would you expect if you are the customer or supplier. How do we all benefit.
They have customer service but we can serve as a customer.

Right enough waffle my soap box just collapsed and the wife wants feeding..

I can't wait for a review.
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^ I may be thick today, but I have no idea what exactly you are trying to say. 

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Yes, I believe we received the unit back for RMA and drivers were replaced. About half the magnets were missing. (Not sure if it is the same unit though). Will analyze the RMA unit and get back next week. 

Audeze LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of headphones that redefine the world of high-end audio using a unique combination of proprietary planar magnetic...
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After seeing on this site the build quality of some of their earphones can they really expect people to pay that kind of price. 

I have some products that I help manufacture, I am in the process chain and we have a lifetime warranty. This puts pressure

on us to produce a great product and we always ask for as much feedback as possible from our customers. This seems like a good

start with the manufacturer but lets see what happens next.

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Sorry Wilson I am on one at the moment and tippy tapping on my phone while the wife's watching TV.

Simply with your life experience, work skills, personal skills. Help if you do care about the manufacturer, improve the product. Except feed back from the manufacturer and create a productive dialogue.
I am a manufacturing engineer, I set up a production process from an initial design scheme. So a technician can make it. A middleman

Come here to listen to others opinions, it's what I did to get help for choosing a good headphone.
There are experts in sonic clarity product design here.
People have their say but don't add the value their own skills and knowledge could do.
Empathy for both sides sometimes means walking in thier shoes.
Fair point to say I expect for my money..
But I thought this is a community. The definition of Community is..

The wood they use and it's issues. I'd like some views, advice from a professional wood worker... insight you wouldn't think of..

I am nobody and all opinions are valid. I am not good at articulaing myself clearly, so I apologise for my rambling prose.
Can we get more by giving more, I think so.
Keep smiling
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