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After intensive research at Castle Von Frankenstein. Her Doctor proclaims the music " It's Alive".

I know stick to my day job...
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Originally Posted by Audeze View Post

Here you go. Internally we liked what our Marketing guy came up with, so we went with it. 

                                                                   The NEW Audeze LCD 4.


It'll give you the artistic integrity of somebody that has spent their entire lunch break gorging marijuana edibles.

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The Magnetic circuit in LCD4 is actually a self closing design. Since we use Fluxor magnets, almost all the flux is focussed in the magnetic gap. The magnetic field outside is actually very negligible and drops off quickly. The main reason behind having these is to increase the efficiency of the headphones when using super thin diaphragms. About 1/3 of our users are professional users. They use it with a wide variety of equipment and efficiency of headphones becomes imperative. The LCD4 efficiency is almost the same as LCD3 efficiency. 

Audeze LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of headphones that redefine the world of high-end audio using a unique combination of proprietary planar magnetic...
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^ Liking the information Audeze. Thanks
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Sorry for the bad advertising humour.
I never expected you have to listen to them in Magneto's prison cell... Tyll and DR C did a good explanation..
NN btw...
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I love that ad, it's cute, and kinda pokes fun at all the colorful language used in high end ads.
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Interaction and empathy are mutually inclusive..Always good to see both..
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Audeze's ad seems to be far more anchored in reality than Middy's (latest) posts :D

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Lol. My secrets out. I am the Audeze marketing guy..8^p
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Anything is Possible

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And often the truth is said in jest!

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Originally Posted by rgs9200m View Post

While I hope the LCD4 doesn't turn into the Windows 8 of the headphone world, where people just reject the new version, I wish Audeze success because I find the LCD3 just very natural and unflashy and appealing.


There is something very sweet and inviting about the Audeze sound that I don't find in others that are technically better in terms of things like soundstage, expansiveness, or image definition. The LCD3 a phone that never sounds raw or raspy or whitish, which is for me a main cause of fatigue or a vague feeling of artificial sound. Nor is it boomy to me.


And the LCD3 bass is also natural, not as cavernous or subterranean as some, but somehow just fits in nicely with the rest of the spectrum, without any hint of subwoofer-itus (or God forbid, a car subwoofer).

I feel that Audeze has a sound that is uniquely expressive in texture and tonality, and this is precious in the headphone world.


So I hope the LCD4 will be judged as some sort of step up from the 3, for at least for me this would be advancing the state of the art to some degree, even if the price implies more than this.


agree very nice written!

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Hoping someone can help me choose an amp/dac combo for the LCD-4 (based on experience with prior LCD series headphones of course). Looking for something more "musical", for lack or a better word. I am currently torn between the following amp/dacs:



HeadAmp GS-X MkII

Auralic Taurus MkII

Woo Audio WA22

Schiit Mjolnir 2



Auralic Vega

Schiit Yggdrasil

Schiit Gungnir


I ordered the Auralic combo but they had to cancel my order based on relations issues with Auralic. So now i'm back to square one! Any other DAC/Amp combos welcome! $5,500.00 is my current top end for the purchase.

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The king ( purpose built) and get the Chord mojo, upgrade later for the dac... If not to taste on clarity.
Mojo thread filling up with reviews.

Dac' a plenty,don't envy having to choose just one..

But no reviews of King yet so more research from the experts here.

Gratz btw, looking at the 3f. 4 is a dream.. whatever you get I hope its end game.quality for you. Good luck..
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Saying that it's on offer on indigogo
The king.. Have a look may make your Dac money go further...
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