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DT770 80Ohm vs 250Ohm - Sound Signature?

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Hello all, I've recently received my DT770 80ohms and my initial impression are pretty mixed to be honest. First off let me say I have not received my Schiit Stack yet so my grippes may or may not be alleviated with a proper DAC/AMP combo. 


I like my bass and I prefer a V-shape signature so obviously these cans were strongly recommended. However I just don't find the bass very tight, it just seem overpowering and drawn out yet not impactful. Again that may just be the fact its lacking amplification.


However when plugging them into my Denon 1712 receiver to play some PS4, the bass seems better, more controlled, however the highs become the problem. The energy type guns from Destiny are just so damn high its cringe worthy.


I've read multiple sources stating that a long burn in period is required for these cans to soften the highs, but then again a lot of people say a break in is just a placebo effect.


Not too sure what to do here, should be receiving my stack next Tuesday, so I guess I'll just judge them again then, perhaps I should let the cans play for a couple days to burn them in?


If the problem persists I've heard the 250ohm versions are softer, does anyone have a frequency response chart for the 250s? I can find one for the 80s easily but cant for the life of me find one for the 250 version.


Thank you.

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I own both, the 250-Ohm has slightly less bass then the 80-Ohm version.

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