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Sony MZ-R50 - Recording problems.

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My R50 have been by my side for 4 years. However, today I tried to record.., but it didn't record (it appeared as recording, however, once I saved the track...it erased the whole disc. Plus, the r50 erased the whole disc while I was editing. What's my problem? Phantom? or it has it time? How much to get it fix? Any solution?
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Hi, purk !

I'm sorry to read about Your MD. I have the R-30 and it's 6 years of occasional use, still perfect.

My advise: Go to www.minidisc.org and look for repairs - all You need is there!

Maybe it's time to look at something new...but, there aren't such great units today

I'm thinking of getting some hi-quality deck for home recording soon, and I'll be using the tiny MZ-E62 player on the street.


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That's too bad about your R50. You could try a recording head cleaner, but that may not do the trick. I've heard the MZ-R50 is one of the few MDR's that are worth getting repaired, as most other units are 'disposable.'

I've been toying with getting a brand-new, in-the-box R50 from a guy who specializes in MD trading. I can give you the URL, if interested. he's asking $199.00 USD plus $15 for an extra LiON cell, as I, currently, have a bid on a new R900 on eBay.

If I don't win the R900, I'm going to get an MD player, since I have two recorders.
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I have others MD recorder.....One is R90, Sharp MD-C3, and another is R900 (given away to my gf)...but..the R50 is very special, that's why...I probably get it fix. However, it plays perfectly. So I think I will stick with the home recording bookshelf...and with more doughs....I will get the R50 fix somedays. Still very sad.
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Even if it would cost $150 to fix, I'd do it.

Many of the newer MD units are, really, not economical to repair. Sony has to replace the optical block assembly on their MDR's, and that can cost almost as much as the unit, itself! I read that the repair to the R50's optical block isn't as intricate and costly, and the fix is more permanent, due to materials used inside the recorder.

If only Sony would "reintroduce" the R50 with MDLP and longer battery life - but, alas, that would probably cost $600 to do make it that way!
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