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Dec. 2013, I  purchased the FIIO X3 new from B&H in New York,
it lasted 16 months and died!
In March, 2015 I bought the FIIO X5 and tried it,
it was not worth the money, IMO! and returned it.
April, 2015 ordered the X3 II  and it arrived 4 months ago today,
I have enjoyed it, I use a 64GB SanDisk Class 10 card,
with a small ext. amp.
Four day ago I started to play it  and it was dead,
I charged it for 3 hours fully charged, and turned it off,
this morning I tried to listen again, But within 4 days the battery as died 
yet again. I have notified B&H to remove my great review,
and return my money.
Since Dec. 2013, FIIO has made and sold X3, X1, X5, then X3II, X5II,X7
and the reviews only mention the NEW DAP's, never how little time before the batteries die.
Those here on Head-Fi have purchased your products and believed they 
were Not just junk from China, obviously many of us were wrong.
FIIO has been so hasty to "flood" the market with FIIO DAP's.
With several FW updates, FIIO now has our money, 
but with a growing customer base of unsatisfied users.
Finis !
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Hello auditus,

For the X3 2nd gen, it's probably just the standby circuit acting up?

Did you turn the player all the way off? (by holding the power button a few seconds until the shutdown animation shows).

In any case I think you'll find that the player is still able to play music for 10 hours straight as advertised, whereas the problem lies with the player sometimes not being able to hold its charge for many days while not being used.

I admit there are some X3IIs out there with the issue of losing charge while they're left standing, but it's not a dead battery.

Besides the 1-year warranty, we also sell replacement batteries for out-of-warranty FiiO units for literally a few dollars each.

Regarding battery usage, it is also recommended to not let the batteries run flat where possible and just recharge your devices whenever a convenient power source is available.

Best regards,
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