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Any comments on this Sony CDP?

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Does anybody know anything about the Sony DEJ711? It has an optical out and it sells for around 80 bucks, which is why I'm considering it.. (I want an optical out to record to my MDP). How is the sound quality? Also, I was also considering looking for the Japanese version of the Panasonic CT-570 but the lowest price i've seen is over 200 bucks US.. where can I get it for cheaper?
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I have the Sony D-FJ75TR, looks exactly like the DEJ711, but I have a tuner remote and mine is a darker silver. I paid full price for mine at the Sony store. Don't ask! Ever since I found Headwize/Head-fi almost a year ago, and found out anti-skip may alter the sound and/or battery life I have turned off the G-protection. It has not skipped, period. I ride my bike to work with the CDP in my backpack and my Sony still has not skipped.

The optical out works fine. I had a Sony MZR900 (japan md model) a few months ago, burned two Floyd albums on one 80 minute disc using both Sonys. Not a problem with synchro-record. Like a dork, I returned it and it was the cool blue. Anyway, I bought the MZR900DPC (US version) in pimp red. I'm looking forward to being reunited with minidisc once again.

I bought the Sony before I knew about Headwize, I may have gone for the Radio Shack 3904 or one of the Panas, but I love my D-FJ75TR. I recommend you pick up the DEJ711.

Regards - reynman
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Thanks Reynman!
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I have the D-EJ721, which is the successor model to the D-EJ711 that you mentioned in your initial post, fiddler.
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Now I'm also putting into consideration the DEJ725, simply because of the fact that I can get it locally. Sony claims a battery life of around 86 hrs or so.. which is pretty damn long. This only worried me, making me think they musta made their headphone amp EVEN WEAKER to accommodate the battery life.. After some research, i found that the it's 86 hrs the external battery pack AND the internal batteries together.

But I'm still worried.. Can somebody tell me how much juice the headphone jack on this thing has?
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Never mind.. It seems to be identical to the DEJ721 other than the external battery case..
Is the 721 better than the 711?
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fiddler, all of the Sonys with G-protection (except for the earliest samples of the D-EJ01) have 5mW/channel (nominal) headphone amps... And in Canada, where you live, you might get those MDR-E838 Fontopia earbuds with any D-EJ721 or 725 that you buy there - we Americans south of the Canadian border get those MDR-026 (or MDR-24) headphones or Street Style MDR-G051 headphones (all of which are crappy).
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